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Land Rover is a British automaker producing premium all-wheel drive SUVs. Belongs to the Indian Tata Motors and is part of the Jaguar Land Rover. Headquartered in Wheatley, Coventry.

The brand appeared in 1948, and the company of the same name was formed only in 1978. Prior to this, the brand was part of the Rover product line.

After the war, the first cars were ascetic. They got the green color used for aircraft, the staircase frame, central steering wheel, a 1.5-liter engine with 48 horsepower, a special galvanic coating for the frame and four-wheel drive. Reliable and simple machines are in demand.

Land Rover Series I (1948–1985)

land rover in water 1950

In 1949, the number of SUVs exceeded the number of Rover sedans. The novelty brought income, which allowed us to introduce a number of improvements. Since 1950, cars have been equipped with an advanced drive system that allows the driver to choose between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. Several options for the length of the wheelbase and several body options were presented. The car was very popular among the military: it was listed in the armed forces of several countries. Since 1957, Land Rover cars could be equipped with diesel engines. Then came a closed aluminum case and a thermally insulated roof. The spring suspension has replaced the spring. The first classic Land Rover has survived to this day. Since 1990, he is known as the Protector.

In parallel with the release of utilitarian all-terrain vehicles, the company was developing a car that could combine the comfort of a sedan and the cross-country ability of an SUV. A year after the launch of the first Land Rover, a station wagon with a closed seven-seater body appeared. The list of its equipment included a heater, a janitor with two brushes, soft door trim, leather seats, a protective cap for a spare wheel.

Range Rover appeared in 1970 and was developed mainly for the American market. It was powered by a Buick V8 gasoline engine with permanent all-wheel drive and a long-stroke spring suspension. The car became an exhibit of the Louvre as an outstanding achievement in the field of automotive design.

Land Rover Range Rover (1970)

range rover 1970

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In the 80s, the company also implemented another large-scale project, as a result of which the famous Discovery appeared, intended for family use. The car was based on a Range Rover, but got a simpler and cheaper body. Its debut took place during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989.

In 1993, the 1.5 millionth Land Rover was launched, and a year later the Rover Group was acquired by BMW AG. The Bavarian automaker immediately began to develop a new Range Rover model, which was supposed to be fundamentally different from its predecessors. The car received a specially designed chassis and a returned V8 engine.

In 1997, the smallest car in the company’s lineup appeared – Freelander. Back then there was a joke that Land Rover, in addition to SUVs, produces a variety of souvenirs: badges, baseball caps, T-shirts and Freelander.

Land Rover Freelander (1997–2014)

range rover 1997

In 1998, the updated Discovery II II series was introduced with an improved chassis, a new five-cylinder diesel engine and an innovative direct injection pump system.

In 2003, the flagship new Range Rover was launched with a support body, independent suspension and a new powertrain. It immediately becomes one of the leaders among luxury SUVs.

In the spring of 2004, the Discovery 3 model was introduced, created from scratch. It was equipped with an independent suspension, as well as an electronic assisted Terrain Response, changing the settings depending on the type of road surface. An integrated frame lowers the center of mass.

In 2005, a new flagship appeared on the market – the Range Rover Sport, which many call the best car in the history of Land Rover in terms of handling and dynamic characteristics. He was loved for compactness, maneuverability and excellent all-terrain qualities.

In 2008, the Indian company Tata Motors acquired the brand from Jaguar.

range rover 2011 in offroad mud

In 2011, the Range Rover Evoque compact crossover debuted. It is available in three- and five-door versions with two or four-wheel drive. The Range Rover Evoque was designed for city driving. One of the main challenges in developing it was to reduce CO2 emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Now the company Land Rover continues to develop a line of cars and improve their models. You can look at the wide range and high quality of auto parts for Land Rover on the website Autopartspro.co.uk. No less research and development is given to emission reduction and hybrid technologies, which continue the technological evolution of one of the most respected automotive brands in the world.