How to Pack a Hiking Backpack for Air Travel [You Should Know]

When we are planning to go on a long journey, hiking or trip, many of us are first busy packing and start thinking about which one to take and which are not. Moreover, if you are traveling on a plane, you have to be a little more concerned with the backpack. Especially if you are a beginner in air traveling, then before traveling, you must know how to pack a hiking backpack for air travel.

If you pack the backpack properly, you will not have to face any problems during the journey. Be sure to try to carry as few things as possible. It will give you less fatigue while hiking.

How to Pack a Hiking Backpack for Air Travel

Depending on your destination, you need to prepare your hiking backpack’s clothes, footwear, and other essential accessories. Because if you pack extra and unnecessary things than you need, you will have a lot of trouble carrying them. You can also use vacuum compression storage bags to easily pack your clothes and blankets and save some space.

Roll Your Clothes

Try to make the t-shirts, vests, tops, and other clothing items you take with you as small as possible by rolling them out. And try to save space by pressing them and filling the corners of the bag. If you’re going to hike in the summer season, then refrain from packing heavy clothes.

Try to Avoid Luggage

As we have said before, refrain from carrying extra bags with you while you’re going on any hiking trip, pack everything you need in your backpack, and try to avoid luggage. It is one of the biggest hassles for any hiker in the field of hiking. Also, a massive disadvantage of carrying extra weight is that you may have to pay extra costs at the airport.

Wear Your Hiking Clothes

When you are on a flight, you can wear all the heavy clothes to avoid the extra packing weight, and you can take off inside the plane later if you want. In addition, if you have too many clothes, you can wear a few clothes, which will require less space in your backpack.

Ship Large and Heavy Weight Gear to Your Destination

Even if you can’t take heavy and oversized items like a boat, a large tent with you on plane travel, you can send them to your hiking destination by courier in advance; it will reduce the hassle of carrying them. If you want, you can easily send from FedEx, DHL, UPS to safely deliver your goods to the post office anywhere in any international country.

Buy Small Items When You Arrive

Many times for security purposes, you may not be allowed to enter the airport with various hiking items, including knives, scissors, oil, so you can’t carry these things. You can buy them later from the place you are going for hiking. It will reduce the number of things you have not to carry on the one hand, which is a plus point.

Backpack Packing Techniques

In this section, we will share some easy packing techniques, which will help you organize your backpack perfectly.

Bottom: Pack Your Unessential Things

First of all, take the unnecessary things in your backpack. Those are the things that you will not need to take out again and again on the journey. Also, try to keep the lightweight items as below as possible. It will assemble the weight of the backpack, will be much easier to carry.

Center: All Gadgets

Laptop, camera, charger, torchlight, power bank, headphones and other electronic and other gadgets items should be placed in the middle. They will be much safer in the center. If there are sensitive gadgets, you can wrap them with protective sleeves to avoid scratches, wear and tear.

Top: Essential Items

Try to keep at the top the passports, flight tickets, wallets and other essential things you need as much as possible, and you may need to take them out regularly. This way, you don’t have to face any hassles to find them. You will get it at hand in a quick time.

Things You Should Never Pack in Carrying On.

In this section, we will discuss which things you must try to avoid while packing to go air traveling. Because to avoid any kind of problem, you must try to avoid the things shared below.

Smelly or Wet Snacks

Almost everyone makes this mistake; many of us take snacks or many kinds of wet food with us on the flight or in the field of any kind of long journey, which often leaks from the packaging and damages the bag. As well as being in the packaging for a long time, the odor starts to spread far away, which will make you feel annoyed, and the passengers around you will feel a lot of annoyance in it.

So if you need to take any snacks with you, then you must package well. However, we recommend taking dry snacks and food, and it is much more convenient to carry.

Liquids Over 3.4 Ounces

You can’t carry perfume, shampoo and other oversized liquids with you. The liquid you carry cannot be more than 3.4 ounces. So be careful in carrying liquid.

Sports Items

You may be surprised to know that sports items are completely banned at airports. Because cricket, baseball bat, and hockey sticks, these sports equipment are often used as very dangerous tools. So refrain from carrying these things.

Battery Operated Items

Though you don’t always have to deal with this type of problem, but many airport’s security will check the battery-operated items. So to avoid all these problems, you have to separate the battery from the battery operated razor, toothbrush, and other gadgets. As well as those that do not like to separate the battery, switch them off.

Cheeses, Meats and Chocolate Items

It is best not to carry things like meat or cheese. Because when you are packing these things, the security will unpack them to recheck, which is a lot of hassle and annoyances. They also have chances to be spoiled by being on a long journey and chances to stink. So try to avoid these.

Final Thought

The backpack is a necessary thing for easily carrying all the essential things on any hiking trip. If you prepare your backpack in the right way, your hiking experience can be much better. Hopefully, our how to pack a hiking backpack for air travel guides will help you a lot to travel safely in the field of air traveling. We have shared all the main things; you must try to maintain these during plane travel.