Exploring the Wilderness of Whistler

Whistler is a part unlike any other.  There’s nonstop beauty and change happening here, and the weather can change in mere moments, from clear skies to summer storms or winter’s blustery cold winds.

If you’re curious about getting to know the area or are looking for real estate for sale in Whistler, these are the best ways to explore this park.

What Is Whistler Like Seasonally?

Some may falsely assume that Whistler is covered in snow year-round, but it shifts and changes with the seasons.  In spring, the season with the least tourists, the snow starts to melt, and greenery comes through.  Camping season begins after the last of the snow is gone, and people can enjoy exploring while nature comes out of its slumber.

In summer and fall, if you want to camp, you have to reserve your spot early!  These are the heavy seasons for explorers.  You’ll run into tons of people who want the same adventure as you. In the winter, camping slows down, but there are still options available.

How Can I Explore The Wilderness?

If you want the best of Whistler, the only way to explore it is by hiking and camping.  Whistler has many backpacking destinations, from Russet Lake at four miles to the Musical Bumps Trail, which is fifteen miles and can take you a day or two depending on how far you’re ready to walk.

Is It Safe To Explore In The Winter?

It’s not advised that you camp in a tent in the winter in Whistler, but you can enjoy many RV parks and rentable cabins in the winter!  If you want to enjoy camping in a tent, consider trying the Vancouver Coast instead, where you can enjoy milder weather that won’t leave you freezing.

You can still go on some walking trails and enjoy many of the perks of summer life in the winter: but remember to be careful.   The temperatures easily dip down to -15 Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter, which is below freezing and considered deadly if you’re exposed to it without proper protection for too long.

How Long Can I Camp For?

Whistler’s campgrounds are open seasonally from mid-spring to mid-fall, holding out that there’s no snow on the ground. Unfortunately, many Whistler’s campsites require reservations to be made three days before your arrival to ensure you get the spot you want.  If you’re going to attempt a walk-in reservation of a place, these can be available, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find anything.

Although the camping season is several months long, you can still stay if you have it reserved.  Many areas have park hosts that charge ten to fifteen dollars a night, so research your site first and bring the money for it if you want to camp there.

What Makes Whistler Special?

Whistler is a great area because of how varied it can be.  You can enjoy the best parts of every season while still getting the chance to slip away to a nearby city if you crave it.  Entertainment here is fantastic; with everything from live musicians to the fun theater and improv performances, you’ll be entertained every moment you live here.