Everything You Need to Know About Army Personnel Tactical Boots

Image source: Foxnews

We have all seen a pair of tactical boots at some point in our lives. You may have seen it in policemen, military personnel, or even hikers. You may be wondering why they choose to wear tactical boots over any other type of shoes.

Well, there is more to it than just having a pair of shoes to complete the man-in-uniform look. If you are an enthusiast or have been eyeing some models available in the market, it is best that you read on. You will discover interesting truths that you can use in your venture to find the right tactical boots for you.

What Are Tactical Boots?

These are footwear originally made for military purposes. It leans toward the delivery of excellent foot protection, ankle stability and grip for various types of terrains, climates and conditions. Today, tactical boots are not limited to military use anymore.

In fact, you will see a couple of models sported by civilians for hiking or day-to-day use. This is because it upgraded to being waterproof, comfortable and well-ventilated. Let us delve in deeper to its make.

What Makes Tactical Boots Stand Out from The Rest?

Weather Proofing Feature

Tactical boots are made to weather varying weather conditions. These are made to keep the feet feeling dry and protected at all times. So, whether it is used in a rainy region, in a sunny, or in a snowy environment, you are guaranteed different types of build to choose from.

Toughness and Durability

As long as you stick to brands that use high quality materials, you are guaranteed a pair that can last even with a handful amount of trauma. Tactical boots are equipped and designed to have a lot of padding and extra protection all around. This makes it capable of being dragged through mountains, jungles, forest, deserts, and more without falling apart too easily.

Ease and Comfort

Traditional boots are nice to walk with; however, they will not be too comfortable in case you take them on a hike, on long walks, or in marches. Tactical boots are lighter than traditional ones, they are made with solid and hard-to-tear-through materials yet they give you optimal comfort. You will be surprised to finish long walk or run courses without the expected discomfort.


The safety features that come with tactical boots are amazing. Did you know that apart from being weather resistant and waterproof, these boots are capable of protecting you from electrocution? It can be equipped with features that can keep you safe even when working in wet or high-voltage areas.

Some of these boots are also equipped with a hard or steel plastic toe. This keeps your feet protected from acquiring injury in case something sharp or heavy falls or pierces through the boots. You can also opt to get one with an anti-slip feature or one that has an effective grip on sharp rock surfaces.

How to Find the Perfect Fitting Tactical Boots

Some people think that all military boots fit the same. While it can be consistent in the quality and make, the fitting can be a bit tricky. To get you to find one that will fit you well, here are a couple of guidelines that you can check.

Try them with a pair of boot socks

When we speak of boot socks, we are referring to socks that are a bit thicker than your usual athletic socks. These are made to provide additional padding around the toe and heel areas. These work like magic because these are effective in preventing blisters and hot spots from forming. If you are to purchase a pair of military boots, make sure you try them with boot socks.

Making room is important

It is always a must to have enough toe room. You should have a bit of space to allow your toes to move a bit. This is because the feet tend to swell over the course of the day and if your boots do not have space to accommodate it, you may end up with blisters and calluses.

Walk around in them

It is recommended to do a walk test on a carpet. Pay attention to any type of sensation that resembles rubbing or pressure. This is essential to make sure you prevent the chances of getting blisters because of constant rubbing on your skin. While tactical boots take time before they become most comfortable, you should not feel discomfort during the day of purchase.


Military boots never left the trend. They remain on top of the list in terms of quality, comfort, function, protection and durability. Use the information discussed earlier to get you the right and perfectly suited army boots for you. There is so much value in getting good tactical boots.