7 Types of Cargo Pants You Should Know About

Both appreciated and disliked, cargo pants are undeniably reliable and popular. The several pockets are highly functional but also become a downside in terms of style. Some like them and use them all the time, whereas other people need some convincing to add at least one pair of cargo pants to their wardrobe.

No matter which category you sit in, there are several types of cargo pants to choose from, so keep reading for the details.

What are cargo pants?

Cargo pants are widely available pants that managed to impress with functionality and even stylish details. Most of us own at least one pair of tactical pants, whereas people working in military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts already know which pants are best within the category.

Cargo pants are just a general label, as there are several types of cargo pants to select from. If this is the first time you’re interested in cargo pants, you may want to do due diligence about the topic. Cargo pants were conceived for challenging situations, but they have traveled a long way since then. Once purely functional, cargo pants make an essential category of pants you can find in any store.

When were cargo pants created?

It’s undeniable that children, adults, and senior adults have worn at least one pair of cargo pants. However, cargo pants were initially conceived for military personnel to wear in their missions.

Cargo pants were created for soldiers in the British Armed Forces. The deep, easy to access pockets on the legs of cargo pants were ideal for storing ammo, battlefield essentials and wound dressings, and such. Even if the cargo pants didn’t have the best start, they managed to turn into the everyone’s favorite apparel, men and women alike.

What features are essential for cargo pants?

Cargo pockets make the essential feature of cargo pants. They are generous pockets placed on the pants’ upper leg, above the knee, and on the outer thighs.

Cargo pockets should be expandable, so they become larger the more items you store in them; most pockets come with flap closures secured with buttons, magnets (sewn into the cloth), or buttons. Buttons are less functional for military activities, and Velcro and Prym snaps make the most common type of closure for cargo pockets on cargo, tactical pants.

Most of the time, cargo pockets are just one pocket on cargo pants, which commonly feature six pockets. Hip pockets, back pockets are also typical for cargo pants.

Most cargo pants have a somewhat loose fit, as they’re supposed to be very comfortable. Khaki and camouflage designs are widely available to remind the cargo pants’ primary purpose: used by military professionals. Over the years, cargo pants have changed a lot and went through many changes, explaining the several types of cargo pants you can choose from today.

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Who can wear cargo pants?

As ample storage is fundamental for cargo pants, people working in the military, law enforcement, or police will wear cargo pants the most. First responders and other working professionals also choose cargo pants to provide fast and easy access to the gear. Electricians, plumbers, construction works, and outdoor frenzies always use cargo pants for their daily uses.

It doesn’t mean that regular people cannot wear cargo pants. These pants are highly functional and versatile, which explains their popularity.

How many types of cargo pants exist?

Generally speaking, any type of pants with cargo pockets can be considered as cargo pants. Nevertheless, various features were added to the cargo pants, rending the multiple types of cargo pants.

Tactical pants

Police officers and swat team members use tactical pants for their activities. Tactical pants are made to last for a very long time, presenting superior resistance to the elements, excess wear, and tear. Teflon coating is also standard, improving the durability of the tactical pants.

Tactical pants also come with concealed pockets, smaller pockets that are subtle and placed inside the large cargo pockets to secure the most precious items. Double and even triple stitching is typical for tactical pants, for excellent resistance to wear.

Extra features like reinforcement for knees and seat (and knee compartments to add knee pads for better protection when crawling) or gusseted crotch is typical for best tactical pants.

Gray, green, khaki, blue, and green are the most typical colors for tactical pants.

EMT pants

EMT pants are conceived for first responders. They are commonly made with a blend of cotton and polyester fabrics that result in a long-lasting material. Carrying for and washing these pants is rather effortless.

Reinforcement in areas with high wear (knees) is also typical for EMT cargo pants. These pants also feature several pockets that are smartly placed for easy access to the items. The pockets can come with dividers for efficient organization of the medical supplies.

Grays, dark blues and black are the most common colors used on EMT pants.

Hiking pants

Hiking pants are cargo pants made to handle the elements while also providing numerous pockets for storing your hiking gear. These pants are rugged, which is why hikers, campers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts use them all the time. Camouflage patterns and natural earth colors (khaki and brown) are popular colors for hiking pants.

Cargo jogger pants

Cargo jogger pants are a relatively new type of cargo pants; they’re conceived with an athletic purpose to mind. Soft, breathable fabric with drawstring/elastic waistband is standard for these pants, which are supposed to be comfy and contouring.

The cargo pockets are still present, but they’re lightweight and made with relatively light materials as you’re not supposed to wear heavy items in the pockets.

Slim fit cargo pants

Speaking of new types of cargo pants, we have to mention the slim fit cargo pants. These pants are a far cry from the initial cargo pants, as they’re supposed to provide a form-fitting and not loose like the traditional cargo pants.

Apart from the slim fit, these pants keep the other specifics of cargo pants, as they’re made with durable fabric and come with several cargo pockets.

Denim cargo pants

Denim cargo pants are also a new style and have a great chance of increasing cargo pants’ popularity even to a higher degree. Denim cargo pants come with spacious pockets on the legs, and numerous other pockets, as they still define as cargo pants- functionality trumps anything else.

High-end cargo pants

We bet that nobody ever thought in the beginning that cargo pants could become high-end at any point. However, the materials used on cargo pants are incredibly various, with anything from precious silk to expensive leather as the fabric used on cargo pants. High-end fashion designers have created their take on cargo pants, and celebrities embraced the new style without giving it a second thought. Colors and patterns are endless for high-end cargo pants, and the price tag could be the only thing stopping one from buying a pair.

Can you wear cargo pants any way you want?

Cargo pants can be made in any fabric and are incredibly easy to adjust. Cotton ripstop material makes the no.1 material for camping and tactical cargo pants, as it takes excess wear and tears. The fabric is woven, so any rip will practically stop.

You may wear, to some extent, cargo pants year-round. Some models come with insulation, so they make a safe choice for cold weather, whereas other models are ideal for summer wear since they’re highly breathable and quick-drying. Casual shirts, regular shoes, boots, and sneakers work very well with cargo pants.

The good news is that you no longer need to be a military professional for wearing cargo pants. These pants are widely available today and make an excellent choice for outdoor activities, part of a work uniform, or casual wear. When price tag isn’t an issue for you, look for the high-end cargo pants you like the most.

Cargo pants look very good on all people, which explains their incredible popularity. As long as you know why you’re buying cargo pants, you should be able to find the best for your activity and wallet on any given day.