LA Police Gear Operator Pants Review

You don’t need to be a military or law enforcement professional to buy yourself a good pair of tactical pants. Outdoor enthusiasts and people engaged in challenging activities (tactical related or not) use tactical pants, as they’re tough, reliable, and highly functional.

If you are law enforcement, police, military, professional, you will look for the best tactical pants, nevertheless. They are tough as nails, come with functional pockets, and will allow you freedom of movement for years to come. LA Police Gear Men’s Water-Resistant Operator Tactical Pants are reliable for military professionals and civilians engaged in high adrenaline adventure. Keep reading to find out why.

LA Police Gear Tactical Pants – quick view

Just with anything in life, there are good and bad tactical pants. You can’t buy and try all tactical pants, so some aspects are useful to look into in order to identify the best tactical pants.

Popularity is one factor, and the LA Police Gear Men’s Water-Resistant Operator Tactical Pants manage to have many customers rooting for their overall value. These pants stand out with the overall value for the excellent price, but they surely tick many other boxes within the category.

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The pants are made with durable materials and are ready to take a beat. Not only that they provide enough pockets for most tactical purposes, but these pockets are also smartly placed and provide effortless access. Comfort isn’t compromised, and the pants will last you for years while offering flexibility.

In a nutshell, the LA Police Gear Operator Pants will satisfy even the pickiest user, and only a detailed description will convince you to buy them.

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Let’s go over the details to understand the overall value

If this isn’t your first pair of tactical pants, you know that many aspects give tactical pants value. The more you know about each of them, the more comfortable you get a full and accurate picture of the tactical pants.

Fabric and durability

LAPG Operator Tactical Pants are made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton ripstop fabric, making the pants rugged yet lightweight and comfortable. Not only that the pants will last you for many adventures, but they will always feel comfortable and easy to wear. The fabric is also resistant to fade and fluids; it won’t wrinkle, and pants keep the shape for a long time.

The pants present reinforced fabric and the seat, which will reduce the risk for wear and tear in the high-wear areas. The reinforcement also adds a bit of cushion, which is highly important for comfortable wear. The crotch is also gusseted for more durability.

The pants feature a metallic YKK zipper and brass tac-stud closure and are high quality, taking us for a long time. As a matter of fact, all hardware on the pants is heavy-duty, which makes them ideal for most difficult tactical adventures.


No pants will work as tactical pants if they don’t have the right number of pockets and a smart display. They should be large enough to let you store various gear, yet designed to remain subtle. Fast and effortless access to your equipment is also essential, so you should never skip taking a good look at the pockets on tactical pants.

LA Police Gear Men's Tactical Pant pockets

The LAPG Operator Tactical Pants feature eight pockets that most professionals will find enough for their tactical missions. The pants come with large cargo pockets, dual front slit pockets, and slanted cargo pocket flaps (you can access them while seated). The cargo pocket is large enough to accommodate an iPad mini. Every cargo pocket comes with one D-Ring, and the pants also feature dual front d-rings for more attachments for your gear.

Extra features

The LAPG Operator Tactical Pants come with pockets for adding knee pads, so crawling or falling on your knees will be more comfortable. They also have built-in blousing strings, which help you securely wear the pants for a long time. You won’t have to look for solutions to wear the pants in the boots without them getting out of the boots.

Ease of use and comfort

Many features make the LAPG Operator Tactical Pants comfortable, from the tough fabric, yet lightweight and comfortable to wear to the elastic waistband or reinforced material in the seat and comfortable to wear.

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The reinforced fabric in the seat and knee will add padding for less strenuous wear, whereas the elastic waistband allows the best fit. The YKK zipper and bras tac-stud closure ease out the use and are durable too.

Even if the crotch is gusseted and the pants have several pockets, they still provide a wide range of motion. They allow concealed carry of your holster and are airport friendly.

Pros and cons

We like many things about the LAPG Men’s Tactical Pants, but we also have some we would like to see improved. Here’s the list of pros:

  • The pants are made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton ripstop fabric.
  • They’re tough and lightweight.
  • The pants come with reinforcement in the knee and seat.
  • They feature a YKK zipper and brass tac-stud closure.
  • The waistband is elastic.
  • There are eight pockets.
  • The pants are resistant to fade, fluids, wrinkle and shrinks
  • They are airport friendly.
  • They’re affordable

We’re not backing down from the downsides, as they’re not major:

  • The pants aren’t as quiet as cotton jeans.
  • Some may want more pockets for small essentials.
  • The pants rather sit on the small side.

The conclusion

For the buck you’re paying, the pants are the jack of all trades. The LA Police Gear Tactical Pants are durable, dependable, lightweight, and comfortable. Stay focused on the numerous positives, and don’t skip them if you ever need an affordable pair of tactical pants.

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LA Police Gear Operator Pants Review

LA Police Gear Operator Pants Review