What Emergency Supplies Should You Stock At Home?

You want to survive through any emergency but understanding the necessary supplies can often be difficult. One source online tells you one thing and then another expert tells you something completely different and most can find it extremely difficult to know which way to turn. What sort of emergency supplies should you be looking to stock up on?

Fuel for Your Body

Your first supplies to stock up on must be food and water. Now, as most people will know you need to have at least twenty gallons of drinking water – this is around a two week supply – and it needs to be stored carefully. You don’t want to leave the water in hard to reach locations or in an outside storage facility just in case you can’t reach it. Everything you stock up on should be stored in an emergency supply store, preferably inside the main building of the property.

Ideally an old store cupboard or pantry could prove useful. However, you do need to stock the best food for emergencies because you need to have fuel for the body to keep going throughout the emergency.

A Note or Warning

Even when you are choosing long-life food, you still need to keep a close eye on their expiry date. Food can be stocked easily and forgotten about and when you need it, it’s well past its expiry! What you should do, is always continue to add to your emergency stockpile every week or at least once a month to ensure there is enough supplies. However, once a month, you need to check the dates of the food and keep refreshing all items after so long just in case any food is about to expire.

Crackers and Jam

Crackers are probably one of the best foods to stockpile because they can be tasty and if you buy whole-wheat crackers, good for your health also. Crackers are high-energy foods and they will be good for your body and most people like them too. They do make a good sub for bread as well! When you are stockpiling emergency supplies your first food to consider is crackers and lots of them because they are very inexpensive to buy and last quite a while too when stored properly.

Jams are also good to stock up on because they can be useful to offer more protein to certain snacks and jam and crackers go particularly well. Jam does come with a good shelf-life and you could even make your own home-made jam or preservatives.

Peanut Butter and Spreads

If you want something that is full of good fats and is a high-energy source, peanut butter is your best option. Peanut butter doesn’t require any special requirements; it can be placed in your stockpile and stored for months before it goes off. In fact, there are a whole host of spreads that are perfect to add to your stockpile. You can choose fillers and spreads the family enjoy and it’ll keep everyone happy.

Cereal, Energy and Protein Bars

Have a look at your cereal boxes in your cupboards right now and see what the expiry date is. Cereal is perfect addition to any stockpile because it’s long-lasting and often comes with lots of energy. However, you don’t just need to stick to cereals; you can look at cereal bars, as well as protein and energy bars. Protein bars are particularly good to boost energy levels and that may be crucial when it comes to surviving an emergency. What is more, they are not too expensive and very tasty too.

Canned Goods

There is a whole host of canned goods you can stockpile on. For a start, you can add dried apricots, canned chicken and salmon and even tuna. You could also look at canned vegetables to help keep protein levels up and you can add soups too. Most soups are healthy and don’t come with a high-fat content making them some of the best foods to stockpile with.


You cannot stockpile fresh milk or yogurt because they will not last; you need to consider powdered milk and eggs. These might not sound the most appealing but they can be absolutely fantastic when you want to get an alternative to fresh milk. However, you can stock up on sports and energy drinks – which are full of carbohydrates – along with several other drinks. You could even add some soda products as long as its expiry date lasts quite a while.

Of course, it’s best to stock up on as much water as possible because it’s the most needed substance the body needs. However, you don’t just need to stick with water; you can have a standard supply of water but also have other options available so every member of the family has something else they enjoy.


Supplements can be an important thing to stockpile especially if you can’t get most of your daily vitamin and nutrients. Many might not see multivitamins as a much-needed source for your home to survive during emergencies but they can be good. You might not be able to get your daily vitamins and supplements can allow you to get at least some much-needed vitamins each day.

Medicines and Medical Supplies

If any member of the household requires daily medication, you need to have an extra supply in your home. Remember, you may not be able to get to a doctor or get a repeat prescription when needed but when you have an additional supply you won’t run out. You also need to stock up on aspirin, antibiotic creams, disinfectant soap, bandages, band aids, gauze first-aid scissors, and tweezers and hygiene products.

You are going to hear a lot about medicines but they are such a vital supply to have in your home.

Additional Items You Will Need

Candles and flashlights are necessities when it comes to stockpiling because if the lights go out, you will need these and plenty of them. Don’t forget the waterproof matches and have an array of clothing for every occasion. You need to have clothes and blankets to help stay warm in case there isn’t any heating available in the home. Also, buy a digital radio to keep up-to-date with current events and know when the danger has passed.

Have a Survival Kit for the Family Car

It can be important to look at stocking up a small kit of supplies in the family car so that should events take a turn for the worse and you need to leave; you have something to fall back on. Now, you have small a three-day supply of water and food as well as the basics but you will also need to think about having tools should the car run into difficulty. You may also want to think about having rope should you get stuck or if someone else needs help with their car. Cash and a spare set of clothes always come in use if you can’t immediately get home during an emergency.

Having these things available whenever you need them, may just allow you to avoid a total disaster.