The Best Tactical and Survival Gear For Any Emergency Situation

Having a survival kit ready and at hand can be so important when it comes to surviving an emergency situation. However, too many people don’t actually take the time to bring together the essentials to handle tough emergency situations. The following are the best tactical and survival gear you need to buy in order to survive any emergency situation.

Most are everyday items, and they don’t cost a huge deal of money which is perfect if you’re prepping for the worst of the worst situations. However, the best tactical and survival gear will allow you to face whatever comes your way without being put at further risk.

Disposable Batteries

Most people today look at the eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to batteries but unfortunately when the lights go out, the disposable batteries are your only friend. You absolutely have to rely on these for radios, flashlights and all sorts and you need to have at least twelve new disposable batteries. This is number one on the list of survival and tactical gear whether you are creating your emergency shelters or your bug-out bag. Batteries are vital and they really become the most used resource during power shortages.

LED Lanterns

Lanterns are a much needed resource to rely on when it comes to losing lighting in a home. You can use candles but you shouldn’t be totally reliant on them because they will run out sooner or later. However, lanterns can offer most people the ability to get light back into their homes or shelter. Many lanterns offer a bit of comfort to those without power and of course, it does help to avoid dangerous obstacles while you are trying to maneuver around. Try and have one or two lanterns at the very least and don’t be afraid to spend a little more on the top performing ones.

Candles can be useful but as said above, they aren’t always the best. They can produce light but usually they don’t light up an entire room making them less convenient than lanterns. Of course, if you haven’t got a lantern then candles are the only option. If your lantern and flashlight fails, then move to the emergency candle.


A lot of people wouldn’t think twice about buying a headlamp because they think it isn’t necessary however, you will need one in an emergency situation. For example, if you were stranded out in the woods then you can’t hold onto your family, carry a lantern and watch where you’re walking at the same time. However, the headlamp sits comfortable around your head allowing you to see where you are walking offering more safety. It’s certainly more convenient than most other lighting tools.

All Weather Fire Cubes

When it comes to staying warm or cooking, you could look to rely on the old fire cubes. Now, many haven’t heard of these and most would just stick to matches or a Zippo lighter however, it could be wise to have at least one packet of fire cubes with you. The reason why is simple – they are very flammable and they are good at getting a fire going even when the elements are making it tough. Also they are cheap and light to carry so they won’t take up too much space for you if you’re bugging out. Or keep an Every Day carry lighter, or a windproof one handy.

Have a Landline in Your Home or Shelter

When there is no signal and the internet goes down you have very few lines of communication open and you may have to rely on the old landline. Now, most homes have at least one landline in their home and you should put them to good use when there is an emergency. If you are trapped in your home or aren’t sure what your best move is, you can use the landline to call for help.

A Hand Cranked Radio or Digital Radio

Most emergency broadcasts are heard on the radio especially when the power lines are down and having a radio close at hand can be a precious gift during an emergency. There are lots of top brand radios for you to try but you want to look for one which is either a digital radio or even a hand crack radio. Both are good and they are usually very reliable also; and remember, radios are often light and the handheld ones slip into your back pocket nicely.

Bulkier radios can also be good but they may be harder to transport if you aren’t able to find shelter.

Emergency Whistle

A whistle doesn’t always appear to be your first survival or tactical equipment you reach for; however, it can be a life-saver. If you are trapped and unable to yell, you can blow into the whistle and searchers will definitely hear you. Rescuers will be able to follow the sound of the whistle and be able to locate you and get you to safety.

You can also use a whistle to help find separated family members or pets. Whistles have their uses and it’s often a good idea to keep one with your survival equipment at all times. They are inexpensive, cheap in fact and you can draw attention to yourself should you require assistance.

Respirator Mask

A respirator mask may be needed if the air becomes unsafe to breath. For example, if there is a fire you don’t want to be breathing in the smoke; dust particles can affect your breathing badly too. Having a face mask can protect you against this and stop bacteria getting into your lungs.

Hunting Knife

Many people would get the wrong idea about knives, however, a hunting knife can simply help protect your family from wild animals should you find yourself wondering in a remote area. Knives can also help find a new food source and protect against those who may want to hurt you. However, you need to be very careful with any knife and never allow a child to fool around with one.


The list is endless when it comes to survival and tactical equipment because there will always be something you need. However, the above points are just a handful of items you maybe should consider when it comes to prepping for an emergency situation. Hopefully they will help you and your family overcomes the next struggle.