Practical Cleaning Tips for Military and Airsoft Tactical Helmet

If you are equipped with some gears that are quite essential to protect different parts of our body, then the need for cleaning is evident. It is often seen that these gears get riled up with dirt and grime due to their complex manufacturing shape. However, the sweat and eventual incidents cause a lot of damage and accumulation of dirt in these.

Helmets are among one of the most vital protective gears that saves your head from any injury. If you are in the military or any sports-oriented work, then the importance of a helmet is irreplaceable. Taking care of the helmet is one of the foremost chores that should be done with proper attention. If you are not getting it cleaned, then it may cause different problems related to hygiene. Adequate cleaning of these gears can provide longevity as well as keep you away from stinky deposits and grimes. Most of the people who own these gears don’t have any idea of cleaning. They find it quite cumbersome.

If you are also equipped with ballistic or non-ballistic helmets, then this excerpt will provide practical help in cleaning. Though the information is also apt for any helmet, we recommend going through the dedicated manual of the helmet that provides all the information regarding the cleaning of each part.

While cleaning it is mandatory to clean the helmet from inside out. For this, you need to strip off the helmet and small parts effectively. Here we will provide all the practical steps that are quite important.


Tips to remove the vital parts


If you are equipped with a tactical helmet or gearup airsoft one, then it is quite essential to clean them from the inside out. Here the first and foremost thing you should opt for is the removal of small parts. The following are the steps to carry that efficiently. The cleaning of these helmets is going to be against the sweat deposit and stinky smell.


  • It starts with stripping the helmet before the core cleaning process. As we all know, tactical helmets are equipped with different accessories such as lights, headsets, counterweights, covers, and other items. So these should be removed to clean effectively. Apart from removing these accessories, some other parts should be retained before cleaning. Those are as follows:
  • It is vital to remove the interior pads from their attachments to hooks and loops. After removing the cushion pads and others, you will be equipped with just the shell which provides a clear view of dirt and grime’s accumulation.
  • It is crucial to clean the retention system, as well. The dirt accumulated there can irritate. The specific manual with these helmets contains all the removing as well as cleaning of the same. One should take help from there. The stripping of the retention system for various brands is different. The manufacturer instructions are vital as they provide adequate information about the cleaning process.
  • Shrouds and rails are the parts that should not be removed as the attachment procedure is clumsy, and you will not be able to fix them fully after the cleaning process. Though if you find excessive dirt, then you can remove them also. The gearup airsoft helmets are equipped with complex structures, shrouds, and rails in their helmets. You will need a soft brush for cleaning them.


These are the core removal processes of the helmet which helps you to keep the accessories separate while cleaning. After these, it is essential to grab the holistic view of cleaning. The cleaning process is divided into different steps that include segment-wise cleaning.


Cleaning Up Tactical Helmets

Tips for cleaning the helmet


The following are the points that help you to clean the helmet and the parts associated with it effectively.


  • The cleaning process can be subdivided according to the parts of the helmet dismantled. The following are the stepwise tips that can help you to clean them efficiently.
  • Start with the cleaning of loops and hooks. The dirt accumulated on these can be removed easily with the help of air pressure. If you are trying to remove them by bare hand, then that is not possible. The small openings and holes are not capable of cleaning through the writing. One needs to use air pressure for that.
  • The next step is to clean the shroud, rails, and shells. These parts can be cleaned with the help of bare hands. You can use mild soap and fresh water. One can also use the soft brush for reaching the small openings.
  • The next step is to clean the retention and suspension system as they can be cleaned simply with hands. Apart from that, the interior pads can also be washed with the help of synthetic soaps. Try to use specified soaps for fabrics.


If you think that just cleaning is the final step that completes the whole process, then you are wrong. After this, there are some of the essential functions.


  • After cleaning every part now, it’s time to rinse them properly. You have to rinse them with fresh water that makes sure of the removal of dirt and soap. It would help if you also tried to squeeze the residue water in the parts for making them dry faster.
  • If you are in a hurry or want to get it dried in the minimum time possible, then you should opt for air drying. Keep them away from sunlight and heat.


If you are equipped with any tactical or gearup airsoft helmet gear, then the above cleaning process is beneficial. It is essential to keep these points in mind while cleaning as it helps in gaining longevity as well as hygiene. Apart from that, for maximum life, one needs to inspect the associated parts critically. It helps in changing them if any damages are found.