How to Shelter in Place Without Being Seen

When you think about disaster or some event that leaves the world a more dangerous place than it already is, you probably think about hunkering down in your home. Your home is where your food storage is as well as all of the creature comforts you have come to love and appreciate. There are some folks who assume that when the going gets tough, they are going to bug out. Heading for the hills with nowhere to really go and no shelter, food or water to speak of is not always the best option.

Sometimes, sheltering in place is the way to go. It is better to stay somewhere that keeps a roof over your head, some safety and security and basic supplies. However, staying in your home carries a certain risk. Folks who didn’t plan ahead and have no supplies to sustain them are going to be desperate. They are going to see you looking all nice and comfortable with a full belly and they will want to take what you have. That is likely going to be by force since asking politely is probably not going to do them much good.

You may have a stash of guns and ammo, but the sound will draw attention. There is always going to be somebody who has more guns and is more ruthless than you. Ideally, you just want to hang out in your home without drawing a great deal of attention. If you don’t have to fight for your life and supplies, don’t.

These are a few ways you can stay in your home without attracting the attention of those who are desperate and looking to prey on those who planned ahead.

Board the Windows

Keep plywood on hand to quickly board up your windows. You want your home to look abandoned. Covering the windows serves many purposes. It adds a layer of protection for you as you hide out inside as well as reduces visibility for those who might try to peer in. Don’t do a neat job boarding up the windows. You want it to be secure, but to appear as if the home was boarded up because it was run down and of no value. You can board the front door, but make sure you leave yourself an escape route. You also need to be able to see what is happening around your home. Small holes in inconspicuous places will allow you to peer out.

Trash It

Yep, you read that right. You need to trash the outside of the house. Don’t worry about the neighborhood association putting up a fuss. This is about survival. Spread some trash on the front lawn, throw out some old clothes, shred a blanket and break a few dishes. You want the house to appear as if it has been ransacked. Nothing of value is left and marauders should move along. They are not going to waste their time digging through leftovers. They are going to hit the house that looks neat and tidy and the front door is locked. That is a sure sign there is something good inside to steal.

Burn It

No, you are not going to burn your house, but you are going to give it the appearance of being burnt. Burn a few holes in the front yard, burn under the windows a bit and burn piles of stuff in the front yard. Rub some of the charcoal around the door edges and window frames. You want to give the appearance the home has been burned from the inside out. It is a good idea to do this at night or in the early hours of the morning when people are not likely to see what you are doing.

Spill Blood

It doesn’t have to be real blood, but you want to give the appearance of blood. Red paint, ketchup or red nail polish will all suffice. Smear it around the windows and doors. Pour some in the driveway. Create drag marks with the fake blood going out to the street. It doesn’t matter if people get the impression somebody was hurt trying to break in or the residents of the home were attacked and the home was subsequently ransacked. Both are strong deterrents.

Get a Dog

A mean dog barking or seen about the area may be enough to scare off the unarmed intruder. Somebody with a weapon is likely to take the dog down if they are desperate. However, there are plenty of people who want nothing to do with a big dog that is growling, barking and looking menacing in general. Even if you don’t have a dog, you will want to have a few signs posted that warn of a dog in the home. It’s all about creating an uninviting atmosphere. If there are easier targets, those will be attacked first, giving you time to bug out if need be.

Barricade the Yard

This is something you will want to do today. Using large boulders in the landscaping is one way to protect your home from somebody trying to ram it with a car. The boulders should be strategically placed to protect the home. They are such a common addition to landscaping, it will look great while providing a nice barrier. Adding some nice barberry bushes or thorny roses around the doors and under the windows will also deter folks from trying to sneak in those ways. Putting a few of those bushes between the boulders will also deter folks without cars to find an easier target.

Hiding out in your home may be your only option in the hours and days following an invasion or major storm. You will want to protect yourself and your supplies. Do what you can to avoid confrontation. Hiding in plain sight is often the best way to do that. Do what is necessary today so you can quickly disguise your home should you ever need to.