Survival Articles

What Makes a Good Food Storage Space

Prepping to survive a disaster, whether it is on an apocalypse level or simply one that makes things a little rough for a few months, requires careful planning. One of the things many people automatically assume is the most important thing about prepping for disaster is the food storage. Well, in ...

How to Shelter in Place Without Being Seen

When you think about disaster or some event that leaves the world a more dangerous place than it already is, you probably think about hunkering down in your home. Your home is where your food storage is as well as all of the creature comforts you have come to love and appreciate. There are some ...

5 Ways to Start a Fire without Matches

Despite all the planning in the world, stuff happens. You may have a bug out bag packed with matches, a lighter and all kinds of good stuff, but what if you can't get to it, lost it or it was destroyed? Or maybe your pack was soaked and the matches are destroyed. Then you are left to fight to ...

10 Ways To Do Vertical Gardening

Prepping for disaster includes learning valuable skills that will help sustain you for years to come should the world forever be off kilter. You need to know how to grow food that will keep your family fed and healthy. In today's world, gardening is a good idea in general. It keeps fresh fruits and ...

Prepping Your Tactical Survival Kit

Having to leave your home unexpectedly can be a nightmare for most. Your home is your castle and in your own it’s the safest place in the world. Unfortunately there may be times when you have to evacuate and it’s going to be very scary because you are out there alone and sometimes, there may not be ...

Keeping the Family Safe When Disaster Strikes

Your first priority when a disaster hits would be to protect your family. Now, it doesn’t matter if you have children or just have your parents or grandparents, they are your family and you may be the only one to help keep them safe. It can be a big responsibility at times, however, when the ...

How to Survive Civil Unrest

Civil unrest can be one of the most frightening times for millions and, worryingly, many factors can cause unrest. It can be a simple power cut, community tension or even a State-wide crisis but no matter what triggers unrest, it can be truly dangerous for those caught in the midst. You don’t ...

How to Bug-Out Quickly

Being prepared to bug-out in a matter of minutes is crucial because when disaster strikes, you have very little time to organize what you need. Every minute will truly count when it comes to avoiding disaster because should your home flood, you only have seconds to gather up your possessions and ...