Parks and Photo-Worthy Sites of Mountain View

Mountain View may be best known for its close relationship with Google and its proximity to San Francisco, but it has more going for it than that.  If you’re ever in the area and want to get some photos of the beauty of life outside of Mountain View apartments, these are some of the top sights you should see.

Shoreline Lake

Shoreline lake is an attractive water feature with everything from countless species of birds to smooth waters that are gorgeous at the golden hour.  Although it’s popular for kayaking and its walking trails, if you come out early enough, you should be able to catch the area quiet except for a couple of fishermen.  The views and nature here make it a must-stop photo location.

Rengstorff House

Built-in 1867, this historical landmark is a gorgeous piece of architecture.  The building’s three-bay-front offers a grand entrance to a home that shows the best Italian Victorian architecture.  Built by a local businessman who operated the ferry between San Francisco and Mountain View, you can take in the gorgeous sights of the grounds while enjoying learning the area’s history.

Stevens Creek

This creek is one of the most beautiful sections of water in Santa Clara County.  Coming down from the Santa Cruz Mountains, it flows smoothly with bright blue water that’s clean enough to swim and play in.  The area is surrounded by endless animal and plant life and is calming and quiet in a great way.  This is the best place to stop if you need to catch your breath and is one of the most inspiring areas to stop for photos.

Cuesta Park

If you want to take pictures in an area that’s vividly different between seasons, Cuesta Park is the place to go.  From vivid blooming trees in the spring to the gorgeous colors of fall when they strike, you’ll never want to put your camera away.  This park is well maintained, so it doesn’t have as much of the wild look as other items on this list, but it’s a fantastic palace to stop and grab a picture either way!

Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

If you want truly incredible architecture that’s interesting to photograph: the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum will blow your mind!  This museum is housed inside a large metal cage with a roof, and inside, you can see everything from the first airplanes of the area and what the military base was like in its prime.  This is a great stop for anyone who wants to snack interesting pictures.

Rancho San Antonio Preserve

If you want to take pictures without having to worry about wildlife or the unpredictability of high grasses, the Rancho San Antonio preserve is a fantastic place to go.  This open space preserve is a public recreation area that mingles livestock with gorgeous trees and open fields.  The farm on this land is interactive, meaning that you can snap photos of the goats and cows while you’re here, and the quiet, calming nature of this area is nice enough that you’ll want to come back time and time again.

Parks and Photo-Worthy Sites of Mountain View

Parks and Photo-Worthy Sites of Mountain View