What Should You Look for When Choosing A Door Lock for You RVr ?

Traveling by RV allows you to have a home away from home. Although RV travel is certainly safe, travelers can further protect themselves by purchasing a strong lock for their RV door. Those who are new to RV travel may not know exactly what to look for when making their purchase. With this information, you will learn more about these locks so you will be armed with the right information for making a sound decision.

Why Purchase a Lock?

Although your RV comes with a lock on the door, this does not mean you are safe. Unfortunately, for decades, RVs have come equipped with passkey entry locks, making things easier for manufacturers, dealers, and drivers. A passkey can unlock many models of RVs, meaning anyone with access to a passkey could have access to the inside of your RV.

To know if your RV has a passkey lock, you will need to look at the keyhole. Should you see a letter such as C, D, E, or others, this means that type of passkey will unlock the lock. If your lock has a letter beside it, it would be wise for you to install the best RV door lock to ensure your family and rig are safe at all times.

Discover the Benefits of Keyless RV Locks

Over the last decade, keyless RV locks have increased in popularity and are now one of the top choices when RV owners are looking to replace their lock. There are many benefits of having one of these locks installed and it is imperative owners explore their options before making a choice.

  • Keyless entry locks mean you will not need keys to lock your RV when you go exploring.
  • If you travel with children, they can easily unlock the RV without you giving them the keys and being worried they will lose them.
  • When your hands are full, getting into your RV will be much easier and less stressful with a keyless RV lock.
  • You have the power to create a unique passcode for your RV and decide who has access to it. You can change the passcode at any time you wish.

Most RV owners are now installing keyless RV locks because they are so easy to use and help to protect families and belongings. It is much harder to break into an RV that is protected with a keyless lock than it is with a factory-installed RV lock.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing?

Research is crucial when choosing an RV door lock. There are so many locks on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

  1. Most RV doors are fairly thin compared to traditional house doors. You must consider the thickness of your door before making a choice. If your RV door is on the thinner side, a surface mounted keyless entry lock would be best.
  2. If an RV has a sliding door, there are models available. Choosing the right lock for the door is essential for the best results.
  3. If you prefer to be able to unlock your RV with a key fob, like you do your car, there are models that offer this option, along with the keypad for entering a code. Many RV owners prefer this type of keyless entry lock because it offers them more options and a higher level of protection.

Installation Is Simple

No matter which type or model of RV door lock you choose, installation is truly simple. Most of these locks can be installed with a screwdriver, though some may need further tools. As long as you carefully follow the instructions, you should have no trouble removing your old RV lock and installing the new one in a timely manner.

Before you make your purchase and start the process of installation, it is highly recommended you carry out extensive research and learn all you can about the top models so you can make the best choice. Read reviews, check out the specs, and purchase with confidence so your RV will be secure and no one will have access unless you give them permission and the tools to get inside.