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How to Start Backpack Hunting

Over the last couple of years, backpack hunting has become more and more popular, with many hunters liking to live out of the packs and go backcountry hunting. This hunting type will give the most authentic feel of living in the wild; it's the ultimate adventure for any hunter. You're all alone and ...

Hunting Backpack Accessories

Any experienced hunter knows that carrying the right gear and essentials can make the difference for taking that shot. From the versatile and waterproof backpack you need when duck hunting to the pouches or bear-resistant food packs, there are only so many things you should think about when ...

Common Airsoft Rules For Beginners

Now, if you are getting into airsoft, you are assumed to abide by a couple of rules. That’s why you should be accustomed to these rules before starting. Generally, the basic airsoft rules remain the same. In this article, we’ll list and briefly talk about a couple of these rules. The Protection ...

How to Care for Tactical Pants

Tactical clothing is supposed to take excess wear and tear and has materials and features providing superior resistance to the elements. Caring for your tactical clothing - pants included - shouldn’t be very complicated nor require special cleaning products. However, it would help if you didn’t ...

LA Police Gear Operator Pants Review

You don’t need to be a military or law enforcement professional to buy yourself a good pair of tactical pants. Outdoor enthusiasts and people engaged in challenging activities (tactical related or not) use tactical pants, as they’re tough, reliable, and highly functional. If you are law ...

CQR Men’s Tactical Pants Review

Tactical pants are created to work for outdoor enthusiasts and military, law enforcement, and police professionals. If you go hiking every time you have some free time on your hands, a good pair of tactical pants will take the elements, allow free movement, and hold you for at least a couple of ...

4 Reasons Why Travel Trailers Are So Popular

Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes the busy camping season. If you love the camping experience but are tired of the work that comes along with it you might want to upgrade to a travel trailer. Are you tired of sleeping in sleeping bags or on air mattresses on the ground? Do you love ...

Tips To Keep in Mind Before Hunting

  Hunting draws out the best in hunting lovers. The individuals who wish to experience some adrenaline rush should try it. However, plenty of things should be dealt with, before you go out in the forest. Hunting expects you to be extra cautious. A little blunder in judgment can be very ...