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How to shoot an AR-15

Are you looking for a rifle that is easy to use for hunting or a hobby? Well, the AR-15 is the perfect rifle for you. It is one of the easiest rifles to use. The rifle was initially made for military action and was later converted for civilian operation. To become a perfect shot, you need to ...

7 Country Songs for Campfire Singalongs

Some camping trips involve being as quiet as possible. Hiding out in the wilderness hoping you’re as invisible as possible to give you the upper hand over the animals you’re hunting. On the other hand, some camping trips just involve setting up a camp and having a good time with a bunch of ...

How to Start Backpack Hunting

Over the last couple of years, backpack hunting has become more and more popular, with many hunters liking to live out of the packs and go backcountry hunting. This hunting type will give the most authentic feel of living in the wild; it's the ultimate adventure for any hunter. You're all alone and ...