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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Hiking

A few decades ago, hiking was the most popular sport of its time but over the years, it slightly drifted away. On the decline, fewer people looked to hiking because of the dangers it brought, not to mention the strain it brought to the body but now it seems as though there has become a new craze ...

Prepping Your Tactical Survival Kit

Having to leave your home unexpectedly can be a nightmare for most. Your home is your castle and in your own it’s the safest place in the world. Unfortunately there may be times when you have to evacuate and it’s going to be very scary because you are out there alone and sometimes, there may not be ...

Keeping the Family Safe When Disaster Strikes

Your first priority when a disaster hits would be to protect your family. Now, it doesn’t matter if you have children or just have your parents or grandparents, they are your family and you may be the only one to help keep them safe. It can be a big responsibility at times, however, when the ...

How to Survive Civil Unrest

Civil unrest can be one of the most frightening times for millions and, worryingly, many factors can cause unrest. It can be a simple power cut, community tension or even a State-wide crisis but no matter what triggers unrest, it can be truly dangerous for those caught in the midst. You don’t ...

How to Bug-Out Quickly

Being prepared to bug-out in a matter of minutes is crucial because when disaster strikes, you have very little time to organize what you need. Every minute will truly count when it comes to avoiding disaster because should your home flood, you only have seconds to gather up your possessions and ...

Are You Prepared For a Natural Disaster?

How are you going to react when a natural disaster hits your hometown? Will you remain calm or will you be left in a panic? Do you even know what to do when a natural disaster strikes? Unfortunately too many people aren’t prepared for a natural disaster and it costs thousands their homes and more ...

7 Common Survival Tactics

From snake bites to torrential floods, disaster can occur at the worst of times. However, being stuck with little or no help can be very dangerous for everyone. That is why you need to know a few common survival tactics to help keep you safe no matter what emergency arises. Wrap Up When Fighting ...

Blending In

Morning’s first gray light had disappeared hours ago as the warming sun hung overhead. Yucca and sagebrush dotted the withered yellow buffalo grass that blanketed the broken country surrounding me. Junipers and cedars filled the draws of the canyon that stretched out in front of me. Energetic mule ...

Dealing With Common Hiking Injuries

Hiking can be fun, exciting and appealing but there will be the inevitable injury along the way. No matter how many precautions you take or how careful you take a step, you will get injured. In some cases, it is nothing more than a blister or little paper cut but you still need to know how to deal ...