Who Needs an Eta Document When Traveling to Canada?

Recently the government of Canada introduced the eta Canada documents as a new requirement to the people who are traveling to Canada and who are from visa exempt countries. Only travellers who are from countries which don’t require a visa re the ones who are supposed to get the eta. The travellers who are using the eta are supposed to fly to Canada by air. If you are going to Canada by land and you are from the visa exempt country, you won’t need to get an eta.

How you can apply for an eta

It’s pretty simple to get and apply for an eta if you need one. You can apply for the eta online on the government website of Canada. The application fee for an eta is 7$ CAD. The application process for the permit only takes a few minutes to process and its valid for up to 5 years. Because the eta is an electronic document, it won’t be issued as a physical document by the government rather than it will be electronically tied to your passport number.

However, some application requests might take several days to complete the process if you are asked to provide supporting documents. Its recommended that you should first get an eta before booking your flight to Canada.

Who can apply for an eta?

  • Workers and students

If you have applied for a work or study permit in Canada and you are from a visa exempt country, the IRCC will immediately issue you with an eta once they receive your work and student permit application. If you come from a country which is visa exempted and you received your visa before 2015 August, you will have to apply again for an eta if you plan to go to Canada or leave Canada by air.

  • Dual citizens

In case you are a dual citizen that is you have a Canada citizenship and another one from another country you won’t need to possess an eta to enter Canada. However, if you plan to travel to Canada by air, you will need to have a passport.

  • Permanent residents of Canada

If you are a resident of Canada and you are living there permanently, then you won’t need to have an eta. You will only be required to have a permanent residential card also known as a PR card. You can also have a permanent travel document when traveling to Canada.

  • US residents and permanent residents

Citizens of the United States do not require to have an eta or a visa for them to enter Canada. Usually, US citizens usually visit Canada using their passport, but it has to be a valid one. For the permanent residents of US, they have to possess an eta for them to travel to Canada and also their green card.

If you are not a resident of Canada or from a visa exempt country, you will be required to get an eta for you to be permitted to enter the country.


Who Needs an Eta Document When Traveling to Canada