If you go into the technicalities, long boards are essentially skateboards. But we will tell you how they still differ from skateboards or “short boards”. Firstly, longboards are longer than skateboards (really, Sherlock?). They can be as long as 50 inches, and the shortest ones tend to be around 35 inches where as skate boards tend to be around 20 inches long. Secondly, unlike skate boards you don’t really use long boards for tricks and jumps. Long boards are meant for the purpose of cruising and you can roll down long roads on them. Thirdly, your typical skate board will be symmetrical most of the time. But long boards tend to come in all shapes depending on how you like to ride them. Now since we have the basics down, lets go into how you will use a long board.

How will you ride your long board?

Long boards are meant for three main purposes. People use them for getting around, also known as cruising, they want to skate downhill, and lastly for some freestyle skating. Each of these reasons requires different long boards. We suggest you check out the 5 best Longboard for Cruising so you can find a perfect long board according to your needs.

  • If you want to get around, you should be looking for a long board that is called a cruiser. The nose of these is pointy and the tail is round.
  • If you want to skate downhill, that means you will be going very fast. You should get a speed board for this purpose that have narrower heads and blunt tails.
  • If you are looking to ride freestyle, you will probably be doing all of the above while other things. And for this you should get something called the drop down board whose tails and heads are both narrow.

Something else that you should also keep in mind are the wheels. Normally, a long board will have square edged wheels that work well on surfaces that are flat and hills that are smooth. If you want to ride on a road that has a lot of twists and turns, then you should get rounded wheels. Also keep in mind, that the wheels on long boards and skateboards are both different so you can replace them with either.

Longboarding has been gaining a lot of popularity recently and it is a very fun way to get around. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they can be turned into a hobby and something to do with your friends. Even though getting the hang of riding them requires a lot of practice, but once you get there you probably will never look back. People choose to get around on their long boards instead of their cars because they are getting more conscious of the environment and want to cut back on the carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Keeping all of that aside, there is no denying that long boards are super cool.