3 Games to Play on Your Phone When You’re Bored Waiting for Game

When you’re deer hunting and your game is “late” for the meeting, you can do plenty of things. You can have a read, check your emails and why not, practice your deer hunting skills a bit more (sort to speak) on your phone.

Without any further ado, here are some games to play on your phone while you’re waiting for your game to show up.

  • Deer hunting classic

This game really gives a fresh feel as it combines impressive graphics and exciting classical arcade hunting games.

No matter if you’re a hunter or hunter, you can check this game as it’s loaded with both nice deer and really aggressive bears, wolves and cheetahs.

it takes you on a ride to remember on a safari jeep and you’re going to have to hunt your deer in the middle of the African jungle. There are so many wild life animals living in the jungle (deer, foxes, elephants) and you need to hunt them all in order to get to the next level. You need to aim and shoot the jungle animals in order to become the best deer hunter that ever lived.

You need to find and hunt the wondering animals in the jungle, using strong guns and pistols to hunt them down. The guns have different shooting ranges so you’re going to need to choose your gun really wise. It’s a thrilling, risky and adventurous game to play as you’re going to put your life at stake while hunting.

The wild animals in the jungle can also attack and kill you so you need to be careful and not to leave any animal behind. Hunt and kill the deer before it gets you instead.

There are several hunt challenging levels in the deer hunting game and they only get more complex and dangerous as you go up. You need to overcome all the challenges until you get to the next level.

Addictive and challenging, the game has great graphics and it’s realistic. It’s simple and easy to play. There are 4 environments to choose from (snow, mountain, jungle, desert) and 6 different challenging levels for each environment.

Here are the main features:

  • Wild animals (lions, wolves, elephants, deer)
  • Various guns and pistols
  • 6 challenging levels for every environment
  • 4 different environments
  • Set Aim to exact target
  • Unlimited bullets in the guns
  • Zoom camera for clearing the target

Even if some complain about screen freezing at times on cause of too many ads, the game still makes it as a great choice to play on your phone.

  • Sniper Deer Hunting Game 3D- Shooting Wild Animal

You may improve your hunting experience with the most visually impressive FPS hunting simulator on Android.It is exactly like 3win8.

You’re going to have to take your shooting gear and look for your prey. The game is both entertaining and addictive and it’s going to take you on a realistic environment with grass, trees, mountains, outdoor and so son. The game is loaded with plenty of safari hunting, shooting fun, and action, keeping you hooked for hours.

The hunt animals look real and you need to track them down in various environments. There are more than 100 animal species so you need to be careful not to get attacked by wolves, beers, and cheetahs.

Hunting deer is just one part of the game as you’re going to need a strong arsenal and amazing shooter strategy in order to kill the animals.

If you’re all about hunting, this sniper shooting game is the best to download on your phone. It’s not only about the deer hunting, but also about hunting wild animals like elephants, zebra, cheetah and hippos that wonder freely in the jungle.

You need to have a steady hand, to line up your sights and improve your skills for making the perfect shot. You can also customize your weapons as much as you like. you can actually upgrade the scopes, magazines, barrels and so many more.  You can progress through different shooter series to win assault rifles, shotguns and rifles.

Here are the main features:

  • Smooth controllers
  • It’s a person jungle sniper hunting
  • It has realistic 3D environment
  • Realistic animal and deer hunting graphics
  • Efficient processing with maximum FPS
  • Uses high definition display and visual effects (VFX)
  • 20 challenging levels
  • 3D camera angles

Fun and addictive, this game is one option to add on your shopping list.

  • Deer Hunting Kill Shot

For those of you who like hunting wild animals or bird hunting, deer hunting, this game is a solid choice to keep in mind. It has realistic scenarios that you may never actually experience in real life.

If you’re not really interested in risking your life in the jungle hunting game and don’t really care about living in the wild hunting jungle, this game is going to be plenty of fun for you as it offers the opportunity to try the hunting adventure of forest.

When you’re hunting in real world, hunting isn’t only about excitement, but also about your health as it requires you a good physical shape and a lot of your stamina. This is why this fame isn’t only entertaining for you, but also ensures a nice and real environment. You no longer have to try the real life scenario as this game is going to give you access to similar experiences. You don’t need to go deer, duck, red goat, bird hunting- this game is going to help you live the similar experience!

The new free hunting gam is going to make you go to the jungle and mountains, searching for wild animals and hunting them down later on. You can shoot and hunt the wild deer and animals using the real hunting sniper gun, being really careful not to miss the target. If you miss the target animal, you’re going to have minimum chances to shoot the same animal another time. You do need to have amazing hunting skills.

The deer sniper hunter is going to appreciate this hunting game as it’s made for the wild deer hunters and mountain sniper shooters.

When hunting with the special hunting sniper you’re also going to enjoy the mountain sniper shooting game play. As you’re hunting in the jungle, you’re going to run into jungle animals along the jungle trees which only makes it a lot more challenging. As I now Livemobile888 is best platform to play game.

The main features are:

  • Realistic 3D graphics and amazing sound effects
  • More than 200 immersive hunting missions to get done
  • Dozens of real world guns and upgrades

One last tip

The worst part about the games on your phone? They’re so real and addictive that they can make you lose your game. So don’t forget to check your game any now and then. Remember, it’s the main reason for which you got out of the house in the first place!