5 Essential Things You Should Manage While Camping

Camping is an exciting idea to hit the outdoors, especially if you have been working indoors for an extended period of time. You should go out there and have a taste of fresh air and rejuvenate your mind and soul. You will need to plan well though, before embarking on your trip to ensure that you have all that you may need while you are out there. An easy way of ensuring that you have all what you need is writing down a list of your camping requirements to countercheck when packing. Try your best to travel as light as possible for the best experience. Among other stuff, here are five things you must have when going camping.

Backpacking Tent

A tent is the most essential item that you should have while camping.  You will need a place to shelter to keep you dry and warm. For a better and exciting experience, you and your team should consider lightweight and portable tents that you can easily pitch and carry around from one place to another. If you are planning to go camping at very high altitudes, then invest in a special tent that can withstand rough weather. It is important that you know your camping destination to decide which kind of tents to buy.

First Aid Kit

When you are out there, accidents are bound to happen. You are going to get scratches when walking through forest thicket, scratched, cut or even get burns. At least one of these is bound to happen to several of your team members being in the wild. Since you will be far away from any health facilities, it is important that you carry a first aid kit to treat the minor injuries. Ensure that the kit has things like bandages, pain-relievers, blister pads, anti-bacterial cream and sterile gauze among other things. Make sure you carry the kit even when you leave the campsite and go for excursions. You never know what might happen during those adventures, but always be careful and be on the safe side.

Light Mattress

Mattresses are among the most essential things you should have when camping. After the day’s activities hiking and maybe hunting, you need to go back to your campsite and get some good and relaxing rest time. It is necessary, therefore, to find a nice and light mattress that you can sleep on in your tent. Since you are going to enjoy and have a good time, it would be self-defeating to return to your daily routine with more problems.

Maps, GPS and Compass

If you are planning to go deep in secluded or remote areas, it is vital that you carry instruments to show you direction and location. You do not want to go deep into the woods then get lost. A map will always give you an idea of your approximate location and show you features to expect along your excursion routes. A compass will be necessary to give you direction and ensure that you always keep track of distance and location. The GPS tool is necessary since your mobile phones will be rendered useless especially when you are out of network range. In case of an emergency, you can easily be located if you have a GPS tool or better still find you way back.

Matches and Lighters

Stop for once thinking that you are the adventurers or the experienced boy scoutswho will use stones to light fires (not unless you are) and carry a packet of matches as well as lighters. You will need to keep warm at night and also cook in addition to having fun around a camp fire. If you will be camping in areas with wild animals, fires help a great deal at scaring them off. Make sure you carry several packets and lighters. Lighters will be a necessary alternative if by mistake your matches get wet.

These are some of the essentials you should have while camping. There a lot of other things that you should have to have the best camping experience. Make sure you countercheck you entire list to ensure that at least you carry most of what will be needed.