What Camping Stove Should I buy?

When we talk about camping stoves, we are most likely to think about something that is portable. It is designed to be lightweight and ideal for backpackers or people traveling by car, canoe, boat or horseback.  It is in almost always used for traveling or picnicking in remote locations where a portable way of cooking or heating is needed.

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Also, when we think about camping stoves, we instantly think about how it is powered by propane, butane or white gas since it is naturally more convenient to use such to fuel your camping stove.  However, there is another option, and that is to use a wood camping stove.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a wood camping stove is that it eliminates the need to carry fuel canisters.  If you use fuel for your camping stove, you need to have a container to store this as well, and this would take up space in your already heavy pack.  A wood camping stove naturally uses wood instead of fuel so you won’t have to bring along those fuel canisters anymore. You also eliminate the risk of your canister leaking and causing a fire.

The features of a wood camping stove include a tube or cone-shaped metal bottom that has an opening around the bottom or near the top.  There is a matching pot on top of the base used to melt snow to use as drinking water and also used for heating food.  There is also a low risk for the fire to spread as it is contained, although keep watch to make sure that the stove doesn’t tip over.

The disadvantage of using a wood camping stove is that it takes a longer time to work unlike when you use gas.  You need to find fuel and a kindling, arrange them at the base and wait for the fire to heat up.  You also need to wait for the base to cool down before you can start.

If you are the kind of camper who wants to travel lighter, then a wood camping stove may be best for you and may be worth the effort of gathering wood.

What is a Wood Camping Stove?

The use of wood for heating can be traced back to the beginning of civilization.  Our ancient forefathers discovered the use of firewood to produce heat and later to cook their food.  This practice is still being used, especially by rustic campers, who make use of the things available in their surroundings.  It cannot be denied that wood is abundantly available in the forest.

However, problems arise when using wood for heating and cooking.  The fire produced is difficult to control, making camp food unpalatable to campers.  These fires may also proliferate causing forest fires.

The wood camping stove was then introduced to campers.  Camping stoves enclose burning wood and consequently, the fire.  They are designed to be portable and lightweight for easy transport to remote locations where heating and cooking are needed.  They are usually small in size for convenient carry and storage.

While there are gas and alcohol portable stoves available, a wood stove is more advisable to use.  The forest is often covered with branches, twigs, and dried leaves that easily burn.  When using gas, these might catch fire and cause widespread forest fires.  Gas is likewise unsafe to transport, while wood is readily available in the forest.  Campers can effortlessly find wood to fuel up their stove.  The wood has to be free from moist as they don’t light up when wet.  This is a downside when using wood stoves, but when convenience and safety are considered, a wood camping stove is a better alternative. Check out this portable camp oven and range combo where you can bring it to parks, lakes or on anywhere else you set up your camp.