South Carolina Bucket List

Whether you are visiting South Carolina for the first time or you are a native South Carolinian planning to tour this beautiful state in style, here’s the ultimate South Carolina bucket list for you. Knowing the best things to do and unique attractions in South Carolina can be the next big thing for everyone who wants to explore and enjoy the amazing plantation, beaches and many more.

The Best Things To Do In South Carolina

Deciding what to do in South Carolina mostly depends on the city you are based in. Your ideal holiday goals also matter when it comes to finding the best attractions in South Carolina. But all you need to know is that South Carolina is never short of unique attractions for everyone.

Here’s a handful of things to do in and attractions to see in South Carolina.

Picnic At Angel Oak

From ample beaches to bounteous nightlife, world-class restaurants and unique attractions, South Carolina is one of the world’s most spectacular and serene places to be. Visiting South Carolina can never be complete without a trip to the famous Angel Oak and spending decent moments sitting under this historical tree.

Admission to this awe-inspiring scenery is absolutely free and you can’t afford to miss out on great family picnic as you enjoy your delicious lunch under its shade while studying about its rich history.

Beach Life

If beach life is the thing for you, South Carolina is the place for you. The state is among the 10 best beaches in the USA and most international tourists love touring cities situated along its beach. For fishing enthusiasts, it’s got to be awesome as you fish offshore and you want more, you’ve got to hook, cook and eat fresh crabs to meet your taste buds.

Night Life In South Carolina

If you are looking for the most fantastic way to spend your evenings in the state, spending some nights in tented camps in SA’s Wilderness can be an experience like no other. More to this, you can still enjoy peaceful nights in organized campsites with modern comfy restrooms. A night at Devils Fork State Park is got to be awesome for you and your family.

For everyone who loves staying till late, South Carolina has the best restaurants with lots of dancing, live music and entertainment from local artists. As you enjoy a glass of your favorite brew on a cool evening, join other tourists and locals on the dance floor and shake your body like you’ll never do it again.

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South Carolina Bucket List