Outdoor Riding: Essential Accessories to Keep You Safe

Not everybody likes doing outdoor activities, especially in the summer, but for us who love the great outdoors, there’s virtually nothing that will keep us from going out, and understandably so, the pleasure of doing outdoor activities and the benefits they provide are certainly worth sweating for. However, we should also carefully consider our safety while we’re doing these activities.

With outdoor riding for instance, whether we’re bringing a motorcycle, a bicycle, or a vehicle to reach our destination, we want to have the best time during the trip, and it goes without saying that, for us to have the peace of mind so that we can genuinely relish our Outdoor Riding activities, we absolutely must bring our best gears.

When it comes to packing our gears, there are a lot of things that we want to bring, most likely because we think it’ll help us maximize our outdoor trip. Some of them we don’t actually need, but we carry for the sake of our comfort; some though, are must-haves, and this list gives you all the essential things you need to bring in your outdoor riding activity. Check it out before heading out!



Needless to say, this is what you will need to bring your other things with you. You want a backpack, apparently because you’re going to be riding and you don’t want to be carrying a piece of bulky travel baggage or duffel bag as it will only be an inconvenience instead of being something that will let you enjoy the trip. Consider a backpack that is light and made of soft material for your comfort, but also makes sure that it’s durable as well. You don’t want a backpack that easily rips!



This is a must-bring for you especially when you’re cycling or motorcycling. It’s also useful off-road vehicle riding. If you are riding a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle, you want a robust, full-face helmet for maximum security. If you are cycling, or let’s say, horseback riding on open roads, a standard road helmet will do the job for you, but if you’re considering going off-road, you may want a sturdy, trail helmet for better head protection.


Gloves are essential for outdoor riding because they protect your hands against friction. Gloves protect your hands against blisters, burns, and scratches. Some outdoor riders think it’s okay to ride without gloves, but I’ll tell you what, you never know what will happen and it’s better to make sure your hands are safe from common riding injuries. For cycling and horseback riding; soft, mushy riding gloves almost always get the job done, but of course, you can also go with leather and mesh riding gloves. For motorcycling and off-road driving, a sturdy pair of Kevlar gloves are what you want.


Riding Suit

Let’s face it, riding suits make us look incredibly cool. Wearing a riding suit not only makes us look good, but it also makes us feel good and safe. There are your typical breathable cycling suits for cycling and mesh suits for horseback riding. For motorcycling and off-road driving, however, it’s best to go with race suits with elbow and knee pads. Racing suits give you maximum protection against a myriad of riding injuries, although they can be a bit pricey.


Water Bottle

You might be wondering: “why do I need to worry about this when I can just bring a regular water bottle?” I’ll tell you what, it’s essential to pay attention to your water bottle as it is what holds that one thing you can’t go outside without, and that is WATER. Keeping yourself hydrated especially when you’re cycling under the summer heat should be your top priority, and you don’t want a fragile water bottle that will shatter in a fall or two. Get a sturdy water bottle from a respectable water bottles manufacturer, and you’ll never have to worry about replacing your water bottle again.


Miscellaneous Accessories

Other essential accessories that are not in this list but are worth mentioning are Pocket knives and Lighters, which saved my life several times, or if you’re gonna go hiking and trekking as part of your outdoor riding activities, a fine pair of Trekking Poles are what you need, and of course, in this modern age, never forget your smartphones! These accessories will depend on the specific ride or hike you’re about to embark on, and it helps to plan ahead before going outdoors. Make sure you are fully equipped at all times!

That sums up our list of Essential Outdoor Riding Accessories to keep you safe when you are outdoors. Do you have other must-haves in your list? Do share them with us! Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Outdoor Riding Essential Accessories to Keep You Safe