Hammock Camping Basics

Hammock camping is one of the exciting, easy and advantageous ways of camping. Ease of use, lightweight, health benefits and safety made this form more popular with passing time. To have ultimate fun and enjoyment, one needs to have proper knowledge about hammock camping as beginners often get into confusion and anxiety about weather, bugs or health issues. In this Hammock Camping Basics guide, we will show you how to tackle weather challenge and horrible insects and enjoy the most out of it.

How to start Hammock Camping:

To enjoy a hammock camping to the fullest, you must know how to start it correctly. If you can set your hammock properly, keep bugs away and have enough arrangements to cope with any adverse weather, then you will love it the most.

Why Go Hammock Camping:

If you never went on a hammock camping, you might not be able to feel the urge. But, once you try it in a proper way, you will definitely become a fan of it. Here are some exciting benefits that might inspire you to go for hammock camping.

  • The hammock is getting popular among campers as it is lighter than a tent and easily transportable. Who wants to carry a heavier backpack while there is a solution.
  • In recent hammock is getting on the rise as new technology ensures comfort and safety at the same time. You can easily spend the whole night in your hammock without worrying about tipping over.
  • Unlike a tent, it’s quick and easy to set up. Moreover, you can easily find camping spot as a rock, the uneven or watery ground won’t be an issue with hammock.
  • The hammock is much economical than the tent.
  • In hammock camping, you are allowed to enjoy nature more closely. Twinkling stars will soothe you in a way you can’t just can’t replicate.

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Find the right location:

Placing your hammock in a perfect location is one of the tricky parts. To ensure the highest safety, you should take this decision after deliberate consideration. Go through your hammock’s manual for more accuracy. Select sturdy trees that 12 -16 feet at a distance and the height should be less than 20” from the ground. 4 feet is the recommended height according to the manufacturers. Additionally, your hammock spot should be in such a place where you will get enough shade and a cooling breeze. Check the article on how much space do I need to hang my hammock.

Get a good Hammock:

A comfortable sleep is of crucial importance to enjoy your vacation. That’s why the first thing you will need for a perfect hammock camping is a safe and comfortable hammock.

All hammocks are not of same features and benefits. A camping hammock is different from the ones we see on the beach. Normal hammocks are made from simple rope and these are not suitable for camping. Camping hammocks should be of durable materials like woven nylon, polyfilament webbing straps or aluminum carabiners. These materials make the hammock more durable and lightweight. Moreover, camping hammocks are specially designed for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Cons of hammock camping:

Along with numerous advantages, hammock camping also has some disadvantages. Like,

  • Unlike a tent, placing hammock in a right way takes time and repeated practice. This is very important for safety.
  • To be optimally set up, enough support is needed. That’s why, where there is lacking of a strong tree, like in a desert, you can’t use a hammock.
  • You can’t get a good night’s sleep without under quilt as air can’t pass away and the body remains hot.

 Hammocks VS Tents:

If you want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of both hammock and tent to decide, you should always remember that each one comes with some uniqueness.

Tents don’t require extra support, easier to change clothes and the pads are cheaper than a quilt whereas, for a hammock, you won’t have to worry about ground condition, lightweight and easy to set up.

So, it would be wiser if you consider the nature of your camping and then decide which option would be apt for you.

Wilderness ethics:

Whenever you go for camping, try to lower your impact on nature. For this purpose you should remember:

  • Always use stripes that don’t damage trees.
  • Try to set your hammock up in established campsites.
  • Always choose sturdy trees to set your hammock up because if the tree is not strong, it may result in decaying the tree and may prove dangerous for you.

To enjoy a great holiday, hammock camping is undoubtedly a great option, checkout more guide on review night. The freedom and openness of a hammock offers is something makes it more popular.


Hammock Camping Basics