Do You Have What It Takes? Personality Traits of the Working Outdoorsman

So what is an outdoorsman exactly? Most people would say that an outdoorsman is a man who enjoys working outdoors and doing outdoor nature-related activities, right? If that’s what you think, then you probably think that occupations for men who love the outdoors consist of being a fisherman, park ranger, or wildlife enthusiast… That’s the problem with that generalized version of what an outdoorsman is… there’s so much more to them than the stereotypical man with a beard wearing a plaid shirt and jeans… just envision The Brawny Man.

Breaking the “Working Outdoorsman” Stereotype

So, the stereotype of the working outdoorsman is someone who enjoys working in nature-related careers… That’s not necessarily true. A working outdoorsman can be someone who works a job totally unrelated to nature but enjoys doing it outdoors. For example, maybe you’re someone who wants to be an entrepreneur but working in an office is not innovative enough for you… but when you go camping, you get all kinds of creative ideas.

Even science tells you the benefits of working outdoors, whether you’re physically working directly with natural elements or working outdoors soaking up the sun and fresh air. According to, science tells us the many health benefits of working outdoors including:

  • Memory Improvement
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Enhances Mood
  • Increases Creativity

Imagine being able to sit in your tent and start your business from the comfort of mother nature… You would be able to get your thoughts together, grab your laptop and hop on a domain searching platform to get your business name, and then get to putting your website together! This can all be done in the peace and quiet of nature. So this is an example of how the “working outdoorsman” stereotype can be shut down immediately… That just goes to show you that you don’t have to be a fisherman or farmer to enjoy working outdoors.

The True Outdoorsman

The essence of a true outdoorsman is someone who simply loves being around nature, regardless of what you’re doing in nature. Now there are definitely some great outdoor jobs that allow you to do what you love while taking in all of mother nature’s beauty but that’s not what makes you a true outdoorsman. To be a true outdoorsman, you have to have the outdoors in your entire being.

There are actually some personality traits that you must possess to truly be considered as an outdoorsman. These traits aren’t the basic commonalities either like “do you like to hunt?” or “are you scared of snakes?”… because you can not enjoy hunting and still be considered as a true outdoorsman… the traits go deeper than that. Let’s take a look at some of the personality traits of an outdoorsman. If you embody any of these traits, you just might be an outdoorsman and not even know it!

You Truly Love Being Surrounded By Nature

Are someone who grew up loving playing in the woods and snakes and certain bugs didn’t scare you? Well, you are definitely a true outdoorsman. Essentially, loving being around nature in all facets of its elements is what it’s all about. You’re also someone whose idea of a romantic or relaxing vacation isn’t going to the beach… it’s going to the woods and camping or renting a cabin in the mountains.

The love of nature is what it’s about. Whether you’re a lumberjack, fisherman, or entrepreneur of a successful company, it’s not about the position you hold that makes you a true outdoorsman… it’s how the outdoors makes you feel while working. Another aspect of loving being surrounded by nature is that you love all facets of nature… the sunny days and the rainy days. No matter what type of weather mother nature throws at you, you still have that same appreciation for nature and can see its beauty shine through regardless.

You Enjoy Challenging Your Mind With New Skills

If you enjoy learning new skills pertaining to the outdoors then you just might be a real outdoorsman. If you’re a fisherman then you’ll need to learn how to read the water and how to tie knots. If you’re a search and rescue team member, you’ll need to learn how to describe the parts of a compass and how to use it as well as be able to differentiate between the two types of search tactics, so having that drive to learn and actually enjoy learning definitely qualifies you as a working outdoorsman.

You Have a “Rough Around the Edges” Personality

If you had to pick one word to describe yourself, what would it be? If that word would be anything similar to “rugged” then congratulations man, you’re an outdoorsman. Being rough around the edges and having a rugged type of personality is not only a lifestyle but it’s also a mindset that’s just in you.

“Outdoorsy” rugged men have strong personalities and thrive on adventure too. Meaning that they naturally gravitate towards the thrill of new experiences, especially those experiences that lead them into the unknown… For the majority of us, the unknown is a huge indicator or possible danger waiting to happen but to the rugged man who has a “rough around the edges” personality, the unknown is adventure waiting to happen.

Nature Puts You at Peace

There are some people that the thought of being out in nature makes their skin crawl but then there are true outdoorsmen who look at the great outdoors as their sanctuary for peace and comfort. Some people live for being outdoors in nature, even if they’re working a strenuous outdoors job, the fact that you’re still outdoors puts your mind at rest and gives you that extra push to fight through your exhaustion.

Do You Embody Any of These Personality Traits?

If you embody any of these character traits, then you just might be more of an outdoorsman than yo think and that rule applies to whether you have an occupation that allows you to directly work with natural elements or if you simply enjoy doing your field of work outdoors. To truly be a working outdoorsman, you need to have a genuine appreciation for nature-related work or activities.