5 Signs That You Are In Love With The Wilderness

Do you love the quiet of the jungle? Wandering through the woods, looking at what Nature has to offer? Hey, you are in love!

The wilderness is mesmerizingly beautiful for people who have an eye for details because the little things matter the most. Dew on the lush, green leaves, sun piercing through the tall woods, melodious sounds of the wild animals and whatnot. Incomparable and heavenly!

Read on to identify the signs which will prove that you are in love with the wilderness:

You always search for a weekend getaway

Everyone is caught up in the stressful professional and personal lives; however, not everyone looks for a weekend getaway to the jungles. A short vacation to London, or New York, or anywhere in the suburbs is what most people look for, but if you are more inclined towards the Mother Nature and to spend quality time, even if alone, in the wilderness, then that is a promising sign that you are in love with it.

Your ultimate dream is to live in the mountains

Are you working like crazy so that one day you can live a peaceful life up in the mountains? Do you like listening to the sounds of rivers flowing, birds chirping and many more? If you are so determined and consider it your ultimate dream, then what else do you need to prove yourself that you are stuck, my friend? Yes, everyone likes to spend time with Nature, but not many consider moving out of their city life and living like a modern monk. So, stop proving yourself more, accept it!

You are a fan of taxidermy

Taxidermy is the preservation of an animal’s body by stuffing or mounting. Do you have a special room in your house or farm where you admire the beauty of wild animals in this fashion? Some may consider this as a gruesome practice, but every hunter loves it dearly. If a sharp hunting knife and a rifle along with some stuffed animals are to be expected from that special room of yours, then it surely is a compelling sign.

You love to go on hunting trips

Do you like to go on hunting trips? Do you always look for a vacation to the forests? Why does that happen? What is it that you so much adore about those trips? Is it the thrill of aiming and killing a wild animal or is it the adventure that it carries or is it both and much more? Hunting trips aren’t only about killing the beings; it is mostly about spending time in the wilderness, just like it, unprotected and raw. You don’t need much convincing if you are at this point in this article because, now, even you have realized that you are a little too deep in your affections for nature.

All your life you have lived near the forest area

This is less of a sign, but more of a reason why has it all happened with you. It has been observed that the people who have happily lived near the forest area for a significant part of their lives are more inclined towards spending more time with the wilderness than the ones who have always lived in the city side. Although city people love to spend time in the countryside to find a quiet and relaxing experience, it is not they always dream about, especially as a permanent life choice. Some weekends are fine, but not a lifetime! This particular point can also be a sign because if you have lived near the forest area and are happy to spend more time in similar surroundings, then that means that you prefer it over any other area. Hence, you are in love!

Be it a man or a woman; the wilderness accepts everyone in their pure, raw form, and expects the same from them!