Should you choose a plain, serrated or combo EDC knife?

If you are about to select the best EDC knife then you need to decide what blade type you must use. So read along to understand which one will be perfect for you.

Plain Edge knives

Plain edge EDC knives are known to be the most common type of knife. It comes with a continuous edge and is the most versatile EDC knife, making the best use of a straight edge. As you apply stable pressure for performing cuts, a long and unbroken edge will let you perform normal cutting duty in a clean way and with least resistance. Plain edge EDC knives will be much easier to maintain, as any unbroken edge can be sharpened or re-profiled easily. Any solid and plain edge knife with a normal purpose shape will surely serve you several years with maintenance that you can perform on your own.


  • It is versatile as well as fit for many tasks.
  • It can be sharpened easily.
  • It will clean cuts through most of the materials.


  • Tough materials will give any plain edge much more trouble.

Serrated edge EDC knives

spyderco serrated edge edc knife

These EDC knives come with teeth like edges ground into one knives’ blade, making one long series of small edges. If you once used any saw or a bread knife, then you must have seen them already. Such mini edges will make it much easier for cutting into stronger or even any uneven materials where you will not be able to apply stable pressure as well as have to manage various angles of approach for cutting through. Think of tree branch, rope and a tick bread piece; with any plain edge it will be taking you a long time for cutting through but any serrated EDC knife edge’s teeth will be keeping the momentum of cutting going after the teeth will bite into any material. Maintenance of serrated EDC knife edges is a huge drawback. Many small edges mean a huge work for sharpening each of them when they start to become dull eventually. Even if a serrated blade will stay beneficial for much long than any plain edge EDC knife when it becomes dull you will be either looking at any specialty sharpeners or any professional for getting it back to any factory knife in comparison to any general purpose plain edge EDC knife.


  • It will make short work of any tougher material.
  • It will keep the edges as well as bite for much longer than any plain edge.


  • It will never make any clean cut as a result of its teeth.
  • It is very difficult for maintaining.
  • Beneficial in very less situation in total.

Combo edge EDC knives

combo blade knife

Sometimes you will not be able to select which edge EDC knife you will be requiring for every day tasks, or you will not want to carry two different types of knives along with you. So a combo edge EDC knife will be very handy in such situation because as the name suggests it will be bringing both the serration onto a single edge. It will be giving you the better of the two utility worlds and will also be giving you double maintaining work of the two edges of EDC knives. Any combo knife will provide you with one plain edge as well as serrations. But you will be getting less cutting length for working with on each EDC knife. The edge of very common combo edge EDC knives are plain and will offer you the chance of making long as well as clean cuts. Often the plain edge will be closer to the tip than any handles for giving you much better leverage along with precision. Serrated part is mostly much closer to the handles as well as your hand thus providing you excellent grip for pushing as well as pulling when you put the serrations for using on much tougher cuts.


  • It offers the best of the two utility worlds.
  • It will save you from the burden of carrying two knives.
  • Many famous daily carry knives include a combo edge type.


  • You will be losing length for two of the edge types which might hamper the cutting action.

Which type of EDC knife edge will be perfect?

For normal daily tasks, any plain edge EDC knife will be best for all individuals. It will give you one clean cut along with a long edge for continuous pressure as well as precision. Any serrated edge will become beneficial once any one deals with hard materials such as cutting through a rope, any heavy fabric and foliage. This type of EDC knife will be present in every household in a tool kit or any camping bag where the functionality of the knife is most required. Moreover as it will hold an edge for a long time, there is no need to become worried about maintaining it for much longer time as well as after much hard usage. If you never wish to commit to any edge as well as wish to cover each and every base, then any combo edge EDC knife will be perfect for you. A little shorter cutting length will be giving you precision as well as bite in one single knife. Most of the famous knives come along with combo edge. So there is no need to sacrifice any need for any specific brand and model.

Now that you have a proper idea of the three types of EDC knives you can take the right choice of selecting the perfect one for your requirement.