Hunting Is Expanding – What’s In Your Kit Bag?

From 2021, the American hunt is set to become bigger than ever. According to Pew Research, the pandemic has created a 67% hike in new hunter registrations for some states, providing much-needed hope for the conservationists and hunting experts who had feared the worst for the industry due to record low levels of interest. Furthermore, states across the USA have started to increase the purview of their hunting laws, creating new opportunities. For both experienced and newcomer hunters, this necessitates a review of your kit bag and everything in it.

The small hunt

One area that is seeing huge growth are small and medium animal hunts. Most recently, the Associated Press reported that states across the USA have put out bounties for wolf pelts – greatly expanding wolf hunting days. Small and medium animal hunts require precision, and this is often something to be focused on with regards to your weapons. For rifler hunters, that can be achieved through lowering recoil and improving sights. Consider a new muzzle brake for your weapon; muzzle brakes can effectively lower recoil and have an especially pronounced effect when it comes to rifles. This will enable you to stay safe in the field and also increase your chance of scoring some kills.

Eclectic weather

Hunting laws are changing in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, Oklahoma, and a few other states, too. Many of these laws allow longer hunting seasons; in PA, for instance, new deer days and small game hunts are opening up for a greater number of Sundays. With greater longevity comes a need for some resilience in the field – a great time to check on your camping and survival kit. Whether you drive home at the end of the day or not, be prepared with multi-weather gear and plenty of food for the trail. You can also look into high-tech tools – in sunnier states, you can now purchase affordable solar equipment for your vehicle that can keep your devices going on all day.

Kit maintenance

More hunts, at a greater duration, will lead to greater wear and tear across your kit. In a particularly intense hunting season, this can quickly add up – and lead to a lower success rate on your hunts. Even if you just go for one long hunt per season, it’s important that your stuff is up to scratch for a complete day. Your rifle is, of course, the most important bit of kit – if you use more primitive weapons, you might not need to pay as much attention. This is especially important in inclement weather – rain and storms have a habit of putting dirt where it can really mess up your day. Consider a new all-weather kit bag, and special cleaning tools to keep your stuff in top condition.
Taking advantage of the United States’ bumper new hunting season requires a little planning. If you keep your kit in top shape, you’ll keep yourself in top shape, too.