Is Backpack Hunting Worth It? The Pros & Cons to Help You Decide

Backpack hunting is slowly winning fans, and more and more hunters have been embracing it for some time now. Every year, the mirage of backpack hunting attracts more reasons, as if regular hunting wasn’t enough of an adventure.

Nowadays, hunters don’t just practice their shoot; they go hiking all year long, on sunny and rainy days. Hunting isn’t enough; they had to take it to the next level and deal with the many challenges of backpack hunting. A backpack hunter doesn’t just hike for miles, but he also camps for the night. He no longer uses a day pack but uses a multi-day pack to store both the hunting gear and the camping essentials. After the night is gone, the new hunter or even a woman hunter will go back and forth to the camp and haul the meat with the hunting backpack back home. From a distance, it sounds like the best next thing for the mighty and brave; but is it really worth it? Will you be able to still enjoy your hunt after spending the night all alone in the woods? Is backpack hunting as rewarding as they claim?

What are the best parts about backpack hunting?

Most things in life will have ups and downs, and backpack hunting doesn’t make an exception. When it comes to backpack hunting, the benefits are many and easy to spot if you’re describing yourself as a dedicated hunter:

Less pressured game

It would help if you tried at least once backpack hunting to understand its value. When you go, for instance, backpack hunting for deer, you can reach areas where animals aren’t used to human presence. You may find yourself close to many animals that have never seen humans before. Hence, they’re less frightened and more curious than anything. When you go backpack hunting, the chances to run into less pressured animals increasing significantly. And when your game is less pressured, you’re feeling more relaxed and able to make that accurate shot.

Fewer hunters

Even if backpack hunting is winning fans as we speak (we think), it’s still a relatively new hobby. Don’t go backpack hunting thinking that you’re going to find the backcountry crowded. Not many hunters are mentally and physically ready to carry a fully loaded backpack, hike into the mountains and spend several days outdoors; it’s hard work. Most hunters tend to go close to road systems, while backpack hunters will go far away from the roads. Only the mighty and the most adventurous will try and stick to backpack hunting- a hobby for the loners, for the most part.

Amazingly rewarding

Backpack hunting teaches you many things and gives you the possibility to run into the most amazing views and participate in nature’s spectacle. Backpack hunting changes the rhythm of your life and gives you the chance to stop for a second (sort to speak) and “enjoy the show.” Even if you go back home empty-handed, you would have still felt happy for the whole experience. Backpack hunting is the most amazing adventure to have as a hunter. Merely going for miles after your fame will be a reward, and if you get to make that shot, you will always want to do it all over again.

Bells and whistles aside, does backpack hunting have many drawbacks?

A glass half full is also half empty, so we know that even backpack hunting has some downsides to it. Apart from being strenuous and challenging, backpack hunting has some inconveniences you may want to think about:

It helps if you are prepared both mentally and physically

It would help if you never undermined the importance of being mentally and physically ready for backpack hunting. Backpack hunting will beat you up, even if you’re an experienced hiker/hunter/camper. You will feel it in your bones and your mental energy after spending so many days going after your game, camping, setting the shelter, warming up, eating the dried food, and so forth. Backpack hunting isn’t something to joke about, and you don’t want to find the hard way that it’s not for everyone. Make sure your backpack comes with hydration, for when you move around.

A warm bed and a nice bath can work miracles, and not all hunters can postpone this sort of pleasure and stick with the backpack hunting until they get their game. After all, you don’t need to hike for days to get a shot.

You have to be dedicated

It would help if you were determined to complete your adventure when backpack hunting. You will need a lot of energy and time to complete a backpack hunt. You could go for miles in a day and realize that you got to a dry spot with no critters around. Do you spend the night, do you go back, or you keep going? You don’t have a truck to get into and move 20 miles down the road. You only have your feet and backpack. And it takes a lot of commitment not to give in when things don’t work as planned and try again.

It gets harder when you think it’s over

For a typical hunt, the actual works begin after your animal hits the ground, and you need to pack the meat. When you go backpack hunting, the real work starts right after you leave your truck. You will have to pack for miles, backpack on your backpack, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy or windy. It would help if you go prepared for anything and everything, but you cannot carry everything and anything. There are myriad things you need to learn about; it’s art even to pack your backpack, let alone to backpack hunting.

If you’re harvesting something, it will wash away all the effort, struggle, and sore back. And when you do, you need to gather your last drop of energy for packing out the game meat. And haul it back to the camp. So, it all ends only when you get back to your warm bed.

Is there a conclusion?

Honest to god, there are so many other ways, easy ways, to hunt; you don’t have to carry a 30cubic inches backpack and live out of it for several days to hunt. However, you will appreciate every moment of your backpack hunting. Mind that we didn’t say “love,” but appreciate; you won’t be able to enjoy it when your back hurts after 8 hours of hiking on rough ground with elevation (pay attention when choosing your hunting backpack!). You will be able to re-live it when you get home and have time to think about the beauty of it all, the personal limitations you’ve crossed when backpack hunting.

The beauty of backpack hunting comes from hunting and living outdoors- nothing compares to that. It’s the kind of adventure that teaches you things and helps you grow not only as a hunter/hiker/outdoorsy guy but also as a person. And once you go backpack hunting, you will discover that you’re over the most challenging part: try it once. You may never go back to regular hunting because backpack hunting will give you so much more every time.

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