Top Hunting Gear Must Have For Beginners

While there are lots of fun ways to entertain ourselves, some people find amusement on hunting. If you think that hunting is just a game of shooting ducks and rabbits, then you are entirely wrong. Hunting is a type of outdoor activity where you can experience a different world. Some people even use it as a therapy since, according to them, hunting together with their loved ones bring them closer while having fun. Hunting creates unforgettable memories, especially on your first kill.

If you are on for a hunting challenge, it is essential to know the necessary equipment you are going to need, especially if it’s your first time. Below we have listed some top hunting gear must have that every beginner should know.

Hunting Rifle

There are two common types of weapons used in hunting, a rifle and a bow. However, for beginners, we recommend buying a hunting rifle instead of a bow. The reason is that you need a considerable experience if you want to use the bow for hunting. Hunting rifles, on the other hand, are much easier to use, easy to carry ammunitions, and have a much longer range compared to the bow. A standard rifle hunter can take out a target even if it’s several hundred yards away while you need to be as close as 40 yards when using a bow.

Body Armor

During a hunt, you might also get exposed to different types of danger. If your target, especially if it’s a large animal, sensed your location and become aggressive, it might charge to your location and launch an attack. Body armors usually protect the vital parts of the upper body. So having a body armor is essential in keeping you safe while in the wild from danger. Moreover, partner your body armor with camouflage suits to make yourself stealthy.


Having this type of equipment is essential for finding your target quickly. You can observe and watch your target on hidden areas where they won’t be able to detect your presence. Make sure only to buy binoculars that are glare and fog-resistant to help you stay concealed.

Hunting Knife

You won’t be called a hunter if you don’t have a hunting knife. Moreover, hunting knives comes in different styles and sizes. To give you the most cutting power, we recommend buying a fixed blade hunting knife. Every-day-carry or EDC knives are also one of the hunter’s favorite. The most popular EDC knives in the market are the Swiss Army Knives. It comes with different useful tools such as scissors, bottle opener, can opener, etc.

First Aid Kit

It is probably one of the essential things a hunter should have before going into a hunt. Your first aid kit should have some band-aids, antibacterial cream, hand sanitizer, anti-itch cream, and alcohol.

Final Thought

Before you go into a hunt, make sure you have your hunting license and take time to study all the hunting regulations of the area you’re going to. Hunting is a fun outdoor activity, make sure to have these pieces of equipment mentioned above to make sure your first hunting experience a memorable one.


Top Hunting Gear Must Have For Beginners