TENZING Hangtime Pack Review – Designed Specifically for Tree Stand Hunting

Hunters don’t know such things as bad weather or cold mornings; true hikers don’t mind a little rain, and they actually enjoy the many challenges a fall hunt, for instance, will bring. Hitting the deer season trees is just the best next thing for entry-level and experienced hunters alike. And no matter which level of experience you may have, you always need the proper equipment. Take a look at TENZING Hangtime Pack for completing your hunting equipment for tree stand hunting. Another daypack option could be the Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack, so make sure to have a look at it.

How to depict TENZING Hangtime Pack in a couple of words?

TENZING Hangtime Pack is one of the most reliable and functional backpacks for tree stand hunters. The bag comes with all the features you’d need for tree stand hunting, with the rigid, EVA-molded shell as the main attraction. The storage space is generous, and the backpack falls in the heavy-duty build category, and it’s worth every single penny. It is not a meat hauler, so you may want to have another system ready for that.

Let’s take a closer look at the build and features!

Many things make a hunter ready for tree stand hunting, and gathering the most reliable equipment for the hunt is one of them. Should you be looking for a comfortable and reliable pack for your tree stand hunting, the TENZING Hangtime Pack is always a sure buy. Keep reading to understand why.

First of all, the pack eliminates backpacks not being comfortable enough or losing shape while hunting. The bag rocks a rigid, EVA-molded shell that will keep its form for effortless and precise use in the field. The pack’s design was thought and re-configured repeatedly until the creators were happy with the results.

The Eva main compartment is spacious and has both top and front-load access, which enhances the pack’s functionality throughout hunting. The EVA-molded shell will keep its shape, so you may hang it open in the tree stand while having easy visibility and access to your gear. You will be able to access with just one hand the compartment through the top or the front. The pack also comes with a flat-bottomed base compartment with a Plano utility box. The fold-down face compartment has five pockets, giving you plenty of efficient organization of your gear. If that’s still not enough for your equipment, you can use the external molle attachment points and webbing straps for attaching more equipment.

The backpack features specialized storage space, and you may store all kinds of hunting gear, from specialized optics to quiver attachment points or game call pockets. There are two hip compartments with interior slip pockets, specialty optics and rangefinder zippered pockets, three-game call slip pockets, and two-rigid side compartments for various items. You may also use the sd card slip pocket on every shoulder strap and the cell phone pocket with top access.

The pack also has an ambidextrous bow carrier that is effortless to remove when not in use. It makes sense because the backpack is specially conceived for bow hangers with dual specialty inserts. The fold-our bow and gun carrying boot improve the versatility and functionality of the parcel. In a nutshell, the TENZING Hangtime Pack comes with all the pockets you’d need for a successful tree stand hunt.

It’s not only the specialized organizational space that makes the backpack reliable for deer stand; the backpack is made with soft and very soft fabric, so you always have fast and silent access to your gear. It’s a rigid material that has been torture-tested in the field you take lifetime use in most aggressive hunts.

No hunting backpack is dependable unless it’s also comfortable. The TENZING Hangtime Pack comes with padded shoulder straps that are air-cooled for dry carry even in the middle of the summer. There are also chest and hip compression straps for the most custom fit and three horizontal compression straps that allow you to secure the load.

No hunter should be thirsty when hunting; you won’t focus if your throat is dry. The backpack is hydration compatible, so you will be able to use the port at the top for a water bladder.

Using the backpack is effortless because everything has easy and fast access. Also, the zippers are oversized; they’re rugged and ready to take intense use. The carry handle is padded and wide, so moving the pack around should go easy.

What do we like the most about the pack? Is there something we like less?

TENZING Hangtime Pack brings to the table numerous positive aspects, so resuming to a shortlist of pros will be a mission. We tried our best to make a list of pros:

  • The pack is made for bow hangers and tree stand hunting
  • It has a rigid EVA-molded shell that keeps its shape when hanging open
  • The compartments have easy and fast access
  • The shoulder straps are padded and channeled for breathability
  • The pack comes with chest and hip compression straps
  • It features an ambidextrous bow carrier that is easy to remove
  • The pack comes with a gun-carrying and fold-out bow boot
  • You may use the three horizontal compressions straps to secure your load
  • It features a fold-down face compartment with five pockets
  • The flat-bottomed base comes with a Plano utility box
  • There are multi-purpose compartments on the sides
  • The pack has two hip compartments with interior slip pockets
  • The fabric is soft and quiet
  • The carry handle is wide and padded
  • The pack is hydration compatible
  • It’s dependable for tree stand hunting

It’s not a perfect pack, but we’re not backing down over some minor downsides either:

  • Some hunters will want more straps for securing the gear
  • The zippers are a tad noisy
  • It could use more features for a comfortable carry

Should you buy it or not?

If you want a dependable backpack that is conceived especially for bow hangers and tree stand hunting, TENZING Hangtime Pack is an excellent buy on any given day. It provides impressive organization for your items and makes tree stand hunting a breeze; that is if you’re already mastering your shoots. See the reviews and pricing on Amazon.