Must Have Hunting Accessories for Your Utility Vehicle

When it comes to hunting, there’s no shortage of accessories and gadgets you can buy for your firearm or bow. Whether it is something as simple as a camouflage cover or an optics mod, not only do they often add customization for your gear but also improve the chance of a successful hunt.

However, weapons aren’t the only things that hunters can customize and buy accessories for. Depending on what type of vehicle you use for hunting purposes, be it a 4×4 ATV, hunting golf cart or side by side such as a RHINO, some of these hunting accessories will work with different types of vehicles.

So without further ado, here are some must have hunting accessories for your utility vehicle.

1. Gun Rack

This is the most obvious but also the most necessary from a practical as well as safety standpoint. Properly securing your gun is a must especially when you’re driving over rougher terrain, over bumps, etc. Fortunately all of the vehicles we mention above have gun rack add-ons of accessories that can be mounted.

2. Floor Mats

Regardless of the climate, floor mats are vital for protecting the interior of the vehicle as well as safety. Whether it is raining or you need to trek through mud, this can result in slippery surfaces and be a nightmare to clean.

With a high quality set of rubber floor mats, cleaning is as simple as washing them down with a hose. This accessory is most needed for golf carts as the other types of hunting vehicles we’ve mentioned either don’t need them or have a feature that solves the problem.

3. All Terrain Tires

Along with floor mats, if your utility vehicle you use for hunting is an ATV or side by side, they most likely already have the proper type of tires for off road use. That’s usually not the case for carts however.

Not only are you going to want to pick up a set of off road tires but you should also consider a lift kit for more ground clearance which will come in handy when you need to get across some water and rocks or fallen brush.

4. Roof Racks and Cargo Baskets

Not only are these great additions for your side by side or golf cart when it comes to hunting but they also are great if you use the vehicle of additional work around the property, for gardening or just hauling.

For hunting, not only can you use the cargo basket or roof rack for additional supplies (for full day hunts) but regardless of what you are hunting for, you’ll easily be able to carry your kill back with you whether it is a couple of turkeys, ducks or wild boar.

We all know that one of the most fun things about hunting and hobbies in general is the ability to customize and add aftermarket accessories to fit our personal tastes. With your golf cart, ATV or RHINO it is no different.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick list of the best hunting accessories to add to your golf cart or other vehicle. Be sure to check out our hunting category for some more great tips and ideas!


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