​Top Tips For Hiking And Hunting In The Winter

Life is all about striking that perfect balance. Finding time for all the things that matter to you. And that can be tricky with work, raising kids, adult commitments and a busy schedule. But it still pays to find some leisure time – some time for yourself to get away to restore and recharge. After all, life’s no fun if it’s all work. And if you’re a keen outdoors person, an open sky and fresh air are just the ticket to jump-start your batteries.

In this helpful article, we’ll share some top tips for hiking and hunting during winter. From outdoor clothing to shoes, we’ll explain why cold weather shouldn’t dampen the adventure.

A Suitable Jacket

If you’re planning on hiking or hunting during the cooler months, you will need a warm outdoor jacket. These are jackets specifically designed to insulate your core and chest from the cold. They are often polar fleece, or down-filled, and will keep you toasty while you tramp around the bush or hunt your prey.

Don’t neglect this important item of outdoor clothing, or you’ll find yourself shivering during your trips.

Hiking Boots

These are a must-have for any hiker, and they will suit hunters perfectly too. Hiking boots are designed to be rough, rugged and ready for abuse. They will keep your feet supported and comfortable while you clock up the kilometers. A tip – when trying hiking boots on, make sure that you wear big thick socks – the sort you’d wear while on a hiking or hunting trip. This will ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Thermal Underwear

A must-have for outdoor adventures in winter is thermal underwear. These are undergarments that are designed to keep your body warm and insulated against the cold. Make sure that you get a set of pants and a thermal top. 

​Top Tips For Hiking And Hunting In The Winter

Safety First

Always play it safe when adventuring in the outdoors. Stick to known trails and walks, and don’t venture off the path. Make sure that you tell someone where you are going, and when you plan to return. Arrange to contact them when you are back, so they know that you are safe. If you fail to get in touch, they will be able to alert the authorities to begin a search for you.

Pack Food and Water

Your body will need fuel if you are hunting or hiking in winter. Make sure that you pack enough food and water to nourish your body and hydrate. A common misconception is you don’t need to drink as much water in winter. Your body will still require fluid if you hunt or hike – these activities exert you, after all. Pack 2 litres per day that you’re going to be outdoors.

Beginner? Start Small

If you are a newcomer to outdoor hiking and hunting, start small first. Don’t tackle a multi-day hike or long hunting tripStart with small hikes or a short, single-day hunting trip. Then build your way up to longer endeavours. 

A Cozy Conclusion

We’ve covered what you need to begin hiking and hunting in winter. Get a warm jacket and thermal underwear. Don’t forget your hiking boots, and play it safe as described above. Finally, pack food and water – and if you are new to the outdoors, start with some smaller, achievable adventures first.


​Top Tips For Hiking And Hunting In The Winter

​Top Tips For Hiking And Hunting In The Winter