ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Backpack Review

Backpack hunting is challenging for many reasons, and using the most appropriate gear is one of them. Beginners learn early, and experienced backpack hunters already know that you shouldn’t use the first backpack you see on the shelf; you have to search high and low for one that fits your needs and budget. If everything goes as planned, you should go back home successfully and a backpack to help you haul the meat back home. The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is a dependable choice for that, so scroll down for the detailed description.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS in a couple of words

This backpack is made for hauling out game after your successful hunt and brings to the table numerous positive features. You will be able to hunt with the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS and carry your trophy back home because the pack has an expandable 1,200 cu in section. It is larger than a daypack, and has an extendable meat hauling compartment. A daypack with hydration is the ALPS OutdoorZ Willow Creek Backpack.

Comfortable, sturdy, and rugged, the pack is made to take a beating, and it’s a fantastic addition to your hunting equipment.

The details of the Traverse EPS

The backpack will help you carry heavy loads thanks to the 1,200 cu in the section that is expandable. You unzip the bag’s portion and discover the additional 1200 cubic inches of storage, resulting in a total of 4500 cubic inches capacity. The eps (expandable pack section) section of the pack is conceived for hauling out game after your hunt, and it’s efficiently vented so that your harvest stays cool while heading back home. The unique H-frame design and extension lashing straps will let you safely and comfortably carry a heavy load.

You may confidently use the expandable section for carrying more oversized items such as camera arms, tripods, or bulky clothing. You can also use the area for holding the bow or gun. The pack is made for dedicated hunters and has a weapon carrying system for your rifle or bow. You will haul out decoys, meat, or extra gear with this pack.

Moreover, the backpack also comes with a pocket specially designed for carrying and protecting the spotting scope. The padded compartment for the scope also features a tripod sleeve holder, and many hunters will be thankful for this compartment.

As you can see, the backpack gives you pockets for the effective organization of your gear. The waist belt also features two pockets with effortless access; the anti-sway straps on the waist belt will help you stay focused on your hunting and not get bothered by straps dangling while you’re backpacking. Also, the waist belt takes clip-style holsters so that you may safely carry your handgun.

A large main compartment, internal pocket, a side pocket, and two front wing pockets are also other options for storing your essentials. If that’s not enough for you, don’t hesitate to use the side compression straps for attaching more gear.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS comes with an innovative “h” frame design and multi-layer foam waist belt with PE outer layer, details that count for comfortably carrying the heavy loads. The torso length is adjustable, which matters so much for the pack’s versatility and functionality while hunting. Many things count for the value of a hunting backpack, and the suspension system is one.

This pack’s suspension system is incredibly effective, and you will best understand it when you have to come back home hauling your meat and gear. Thanks to the “h” frame design, adjustable torso, and all the padding in the right places, you will feel the load easier to manage. The frame is made with aluminum, so the backpack will keep its shape and feel lightweight at the same time.

When you’re carrying a heavy load, it’s crucial to have a rugged frame and robust and adjustable suspension, which ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS brings to the table. For many, the traverse stands out as one of the most effective internal-frame packs within the category.

Needless to say, the shoulder straps are padded and easy to adjust; they come with load lifters for effortless use.

Many details count for the pack’s value, and another one adding to the list is the padded front of the backpack for superior protection of the gear inside.

Any hunter knows that staying hydrated is crucial and keeps you focused when making that shot. You cannot afford to go backpack hunting without having hydration options with the pack. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS comes with a hydration pocket and port, so you got another problem solved.

The backpack is very well made and has a durable feel to it. The zippers look tough and seem to be ready to take a beat. Even if the pack isn’t waterproof, it comes with a blaze orange rain cover that will protect the pack and the gear inside on a rainy hunt.

What do we like most about the Traverse EPS? Is there something we like less?

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is loaded with positive features, and it’s not easy to resume a list of pros. Here it is, nevertheless:

  • The pack is conceived for hauling your harvest back home
  • It comes with an expandable section for hauling your game
  • The expandable section is vented for cooling the harvest
  • You can carry the bow or gun in the expandable section
  • The shoulder straps are padded for best comfort
  • The three-layer waist belt comes with pockets and anti-sway straps
  • The pack features a spotting scope pocket with a tripod sleeve holder
  • There are extension lashing straps for adding more gear
  • The main compartment has an organizational pocket inside
  • The h-frame is lightweight and strong
  • The front of the pack is padded for protecting gear inside
  • It comes with blaze orange rain cover
  • It has a hydration pocket and port
  • The waist belt takes a clip-style holster
  • The backpack is rugged and ready to take a beat

None of the downsides are significant, but it’s only fair to give you a complete look:

  • Some will need time to adjust to the design
  • The shoulder straps could be wider
  • The pack could use more side pockets

Should you purchase the Traverse EPS or not?

If you know about backpack hunting and are determined never to come back home empty-handed, the ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is always a sure choice. It comes with an expandable section for your gear or harvest, and it’s made for the hunter who knows what he needs for a successful hunt. This pack is ready to carry your heavy load after a successful hunt, but are you ready too?

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