Where Are The Best Hiking Trails To Choose In The World?

Hikers step out and face the toughest climates in the world. They climb to the highest peaks and traverse the toughest terrain but it is a challenge like no other. Newcomers are yet to know the joys because there is truly nothing else like hiking; it’s unique and there is always a new challenge to face. If you are a hiker, you probably have checked out the local hiking trails but wouldn’t you like to stretch your feet further?

The following are some of the world’s best and move loved hiking trails.

Everest Base Camp

Despite the tragedies Nepal has suffered of late hiking to Everest base camp can be a wonderful experience. Hiking to Everest base camp is truly going to be the one that everyone remembers because it is a unique trail no matter how seasoned a hiker you may be. However this will not be a walk in the park.

You can reach the highest peaks of Lhotse Sar, Lhotse and Everest which is the biggest achievement any hiker can accomplish. On the way you are sure to see some breathtaking scenery and in the months of March or April, may be the best times to go but it can vary depending on the weather. Don’t go alone however, guides are needed for safety and you must approach Everest very slowly because it’s hard to acclimatize to.

Plus, you may need at least a few weeks to reach Everest as it’s a tough trek on any hiker, experienced or otherwise. Newcomers are welcomed to try this hiking trail but in all honesty, only the very best and most experienced hikers should tackle this. It’s the best but by no way easy.

The Narrows

The Narrows are found in the Zion National Park in the US and offers new hikers the chance to gain some experience. This hiking trail is around 16 miles but it can be very rewarding and an excellent start for those just starting out. Seasoned hikers usually complete this trail within a day, if that, but even newcomers should be able to handle The Narrows within a day also because it isn’t too tough to handle.

There are camping grounds dotted around too in case you get tired or aren’t able to complete in one go. Be warned however, there are some parts of the trail that must be swum so you need to be a competent swimmer.


Found in Sweden, The Kungsleden is truly one of the top hiking trails in the world and probably the number one in Sweden. It covers around 300 miles, 275 to be exact and is one very tough trail. You are going to need a few weeks to cover this trail and probably, its one for experienced hikers. It will take a lot out of you and you need to be well prepared for weeks of gruelling hiking.

However, you do get to see the most amazing Arctic landscape and parts of Sweden that hasn’t been discovered. There is so much beautiful scenery to enjoy and it will be a journey you never forget. Though, be prepared to cross suspension bridges to avoid the biggest rivers out there but hopefully you have a head for heights.

The Grand Canyon Hike

Located in Arizona, The Grand Canyon hike is going to be for experienced hiker who wants to get away for a week. This is definitely going to take around six or seven days at best since it’s around 44 miles all round. You probably don’t want to rush things either so it’s a great trail to take slow because there is so much rich American history on offer.

The Himalayans Trail

Seasoned hikers will love the Himalayans Trail. This travels across some of the most gorgeous scenery ever and will take over twenty days to complete. However, this is definitely not one for the faint at heart or inexperienced hikers because it’s a very tough and arduous trail. For example, you will reach new heights and be close to cliff edges which means it’s not the safest.

Yosemite Grand Traverse

Located in California, USA, hikers who want to build their experience will love Yosemite Grand Traverse. It will take at least a week, maybe a little less for serious hikers, to complete the 60 mile journey. However, the trail is only opened from July to September so it will be busy when opened; unlike many hiking trails opened all year round, this is limited to a few precious months. You get to explore Yosemite country and see the Sierra Nevada peaks too.


Located in Pakistan, K2 is the second highest mountain range in the world yet, it doesn’t receive as many visitors as what Everest does. In some ways, K2 is forgotten about but it can offer hikers the chance to explore some beautiful sites. It will take a good 15 days or so, depending on how good a hiker you are, to complete the trail.

The New Zealand Great Walk

The Great Walk is a fabulous choice for any newcomer looking to build experience. Seasoned hikers will also love this trail and even though it’s only 31 miles, it’s amazing. The trail covers Mount Ngauruho and you will just love the scenery. If you ever find yourself in the city of Whakapapa you should consider getting booked onto the New Zealand Great Walk trail.

Ben Nevis

Located in Scotland, Ben Nevis is the UK’s highest mountain and is one of the most loved in Europe and the UK. Hikers from across Britain and the world visit Ben Nevis throughout the year and millions visit the Highlands of Scotland just for Ben Nevis. It has truly become a popular spot for hikers and has so much rich scenery to enjoy.

The hiking trail on Ben Nevis isn’t easy though; there has been many who have tried and failed. There have also been many rescues made because of hikers getting lost in bad weather conditions. If you are going to choose Ben Nevis you need to pay close attention to the weather conditions, even in the Summer time.

What Will Your Next Destination Be?

The above are some of the world’s greatest hiking trails but there are truly thousands more to choose from. They are all so unique and wonderful because no two hiking trails are the same and whether you choose Ben Nevis or Everest, you will get a hiking experience like no other.