The Benefits and Disadvantages of Hiking

A few decades ago, hiking was the most popular sport of its time but over the years, it slightly drifted away. On the decline, fewer people looked to hiking because of the dangers it brought, not to mention the strain it brought to the body but now it seems as though there has become a new craze for hiking.

However, too many people are unprepared for what lies ahead, and end up falling at the first hurdle. Instead, why not check out the benefits of hiking and find out what disadvantages you might also face. Hopefully both sides of the argument will allow you to make an informed decision about your hiking lifestyle.

Great for the Body

One of the best benefits of taking up hiking is that you can get your body back into shape! Really, hiking can be a great cardio workout and if you are serious about improving your health, hiking is the way to go. Of course, it does seem very strenuous but that is why you start off slow and work your way up the ladder so-to-speak.

Go Hiking Whenever You Want To

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go places where you have never been to before? Scale the highest peaks and become a local legend? Hiking can take you to places you have never dreamt about or ever thought was possible and sharing that experience is an once-in-a-lifetime achievement. The greatest thing of all, you don’t need to go trekking across the world to find the beauty hotspots because many of them are in your own back yard.

There are truly no limits with hiking, especially with the modern equipment and backpacks at hand.

Meets New People

For most people, the biggest and best benefit of hiking is down to friendship. Now, you might not know this but when you become a hiker, you have the chance to meet a variety of people from all walks of life. It’s true, because whether you choose to go alone or meet up with a group, you are always going to meet new people at every turn. You aren’t going to be the only one on the trail and it’s really a great chance to find new friends you share a common interest with.

This is so beneficial especially if you are a shy person or someone who doesn’t get the chance to be around new people. You can create a bond with a new friend and that is unique because you share a passion very few fully understand.

A Fun Way to Spend a Weekend

Across the world there are so many beautiful places to hike and when you discover them, you are going to fall in love! You don’t necessarily need to be a big-time hiker who runs off halfway across the world to have fun; you can find plenty of hiking trails at home too. Being a weekend hiker or adventurist can be exciting and can be a great way to get to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Of course, if you aren’t just the weekender warrior and have a lot of time and money, there is no end of where you can travel to. You can travel across America, Europe and even Asia to explore the unique hiking trails and opportunities there. It can be wonderful and if you love hiking, you will want to explore the unknown!

Beautiful Sites

Hiking can be wonderful in so many ways and if you appreciate great scenery, you know you are going to see it all because when you hike, you pass undiscovered lands. No matter where you choose to hike, you’re going to be able to spot some amazing wildlife as well as stunning scenery and sites. Remember, you are surrounded by nature and it offers you the chance to see sites you have never seen before or will see again.

Just think about how amazing it would be to stand on a clear day on top of a stunning mountain peak looking across the vast untouched, natural beautiful land? You can’t experience anything like that because it’s so unique and very few people can experience the joys of the hiking scene. It’s a wonderful way to get back to nature and a way to find yourself too.

Get Peace to Relax

Also, when you go off hiking, you get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the stresses of your home life which can be fantastic. Stressing out can be very bad for your health and sometimes, you need a form of escape to help de-stress and regroup and hiking can really help in so many ways. You don’t need to go off alone, you can go with a group or friend and you can still remove all the stresses and strains for your life.

Hiking can be relaxing and if you just need to get away or enjoy spending some time away from home life, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The best thing of all – you get peace and quiet from everyone – and can relax until your heart’s content.

Safety Concerns

The biggest drawback however, when it comes to hiking must be the safety side of things. Now, as most will know hiking comes with its own form of dangers from rapidly changing weather to dangerous mountain trails and these can be life-threatening. If you want to consider taking up hiking, you need to understand the good points and the bad points so that you are fully prepared for the adventures ahead.

Leaving Family Behind For Long Periods of Time

It doesn’t matter if you have children at home or just parents, it can be very difficult to say goodbye to them. Hiking can take up a lot of spare time and if you plan to go travelling then it can be extremely difficult to leave loved ones behind for extended periods of time. Depending on where you choose to go, you may not see your family for weeks, potentially months at a time.

High Costs

However, the one thing that hampers most is money. Hiking itself doesn’t necessarily cost a great deal once you have your supplies but if you are flying all over the world, it may cost you greatly. You have airfares to worry about as well as cost to join certain hiking trails and other expenses which can rack up over time. Also, if you have a full-time job, it’s going to be considerably difficult to get a lot of time away without putting your job at risk.

Embrace the Hike

In all honesty, hiking, like most things, come with good points and bad points and while many would say the bad points outweigh the good points, some would disagree. Hiking can open the door to a completely new world and it may be the best way to allow you to find out what you’re made of and who you are deep down inside. There have been many pessimists who have tried hiking and found their opinions completely altered.