5 Essentials You Need to Bring on Every Hike

Walking can offer you, not only an excellent form of exercise, but also unique views of nature and a pleasant experience. Although hiking can be enjoyable, you should also remember that when you go to your favorite trails, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. For this reason, you should be prepared to go hiking, taking everything you need to help you overcome the worst-case scenario. You probably think that you will never be this trekker who gets lost, but that is what all the lost hikers thought.

There is nothing worse than being miles away from civilization and dealing with an emergency situation for which you are not prepared. Whether you’re lost without food, under unexpected rain or your shoes hurt, walking without the right equipment is never a fun experience. Your equipment will vary according to the type of hiking adventure you plan, but whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail or planning a day trip with your family, you should never forget some hiking gear.

1) Rugged Hiking Backpack

First of all, you need a sturdy hiking backpack to hold the rest of your equipment comfortably. A small bag is all you need if most of your walks are short and you rarely plan to spend the night. If you are planning for a long walk, hikes, look for a backpack that fits comfortably with many compartments to store all your food and equipment. You may need emergency shelter for hiking in extreme weather conditions, and an emergency blanket is essential if you trek in winter.

2) Appropriate Shoes

Good shoes are another essential part of the hiking equipment, no matter where or how long you go. Choose walking boots or shoes designed for the type of terrain you will visit more frequently and make sure they are comfortable. Wear high-quality hiking socks designed for the specific climate you are in and cushioned for additional support. For a more precise fit, first, buy your hiking socks and use them to buy your hiking shoes.

Hiking Boots

3) A Cooler

Spending hours on the beach in the sun can be very desiccating. Take with you a beach cooler, and once you arrive, stock it with fresh water and fresh fruit from the area. Ensure that you pick one of the best Beach coolers in the market. You can also stock it with fruit juice, as it is an excellent way to quench a thirst on a hot day and replenish essential nutrients in the body that are lost during sweating. Not to mention, it’s delicious!

4) Camera

When hiking, you might need to keep a reminder of how beautiful the hike was and have images of the most amazing things you saw during the hiking. That can be captured by using a camera. You can record short videos and take pictures. All this will remind you of your wonderful hiking experience.

5) First Aid Box

You will also want a first aid kit with you for all your walks. Unless you are hiking in extreme conditions, you will only be interested in the basics of insect bites, minor scratches, blisters, spines and other common path ailments. Sunscreen, lip balm, and insect repellents should also be included in your first-aid bag.

For you to have an enjoyable hike, you need to ensure that you have the above items before you leave. It is vital that you counter-check your list. Today, buying these items is quite simple. You might decide not to visit a local store and order them online which is a simple process.