When Is The Best Time To Hike In The Year?

The weather can play a huge part for every hiker. When the weather is bad, it can turn a trail into a danger zone with the potential for avalanches and landfalls. There will be times when hiking trails turn into hot ovens with no means of escape; it happens and being unprepared for them is a nightmare. That is why hikers need to know when they should set out. This isn’t easy because every trail is considerably different even when they are in the same country as one another.

However, below are a list of some of favorite hiking trails and the best times to set out. Hopefully they’ll provide you with some useful information.

Season for Kilimanjaro

Anyone can in fact hike Kilimanjaro throughout the year; it is very much possible but some months are considerably better than others. For example, January and February are prime months despite them being the coldest seasons for most people. These are the months that are dry, warm and don’t get lots of rain meaning it’s the best time to take to your hiking trails. However, if you can’t hike during these months, you can go at any times; September and October can still be good months too and even July if you can stand the cold.

You have to remember that March, April, May and June aren’t really the best months for Kilimanjaro because there is low level cloud and lots of rain. Of course, you can still hike during these months; it’s just a little colder and wetter.

Hiking Camino De Santiago

This is a very popular hiking trail and if you want to choose this trail for you, you can go all year round. Most trails offer this but during the months of February, March and October, are the months which see the most rain. Of course, as said above, you have the ability to climb during these months too if you can’t find time during the rest of the year.

April and May is great months to choose as well because the weather is generally good all round but be warned, July and August are probably the busiest months. There is a religious festival going on here and it will get very crowded very fast. April and May could be your best months to choose.

Ben Nevis

Hikers love Ben Nevis and it attracts millions of hikers and climbers from around the world every year but be warned, Ben Nevis receives some of the coldest temperatures in Scotland. It is one of the highest peaks and if you thought Edinburgh was cold, think again. Ben Nevis takes cold to new depths and on most days, the temperatures dip well below 0! Throughout the year it probably has around sixty days of solid good weather (although not in a row) and it makes it perfect for hikers.

However, there is no ‘prime’ or optimal time for hikers to set out to conquer Nevis because most days see heavy cloud forecasts. Snow is pretty much present all year round and from the months of October to May, it can become very icy and slippery which may be the months to avoid at all costs. June and July may be your best bet though Ben Nevis is available all year round and hikers go there every single day. It just depends on how daring you can be! Though, this is certainly not one for beginners!

Grand Canyon

If you are planning to head to the Grand Canyon, note the summer and winter months won’t be best for you. These months can be extremely tough on any hiker as its freezing in the winter and quite hot in the summer. Spring and fall are the best times to check out the Grand Canyon.

New Zealand

Let’s be honest, New Zealand has pretty sound weather for hikers. No matter what trail you will check out in New Zealand, you can go all year round; the busy periods are October and September so you might want to avoid them. June, July and August are usually a little quieter so if you don’t want to have lots of other people around, these are the best months to choose.


Is there ever a right time to hike to Everest’s base camp? Probably not but if you’re determined to head out there, you need to know what the months offer you. For the months between February and May, the weather is mostly dry and there aren’t too many hikers out there at these times. This may be right for you if you don’t want lots of others around. For months between June and August, this is considered to be the Monsoon season which might not be best.

Between August and November, these months will be the busiest. Most climbers and hikers choose these months to head out because they are dry months and it’s the best time to climb. However, December and January can also be good months to visit because they are very, very quiet.

What Works Best?

Usually, there are key months which are best for you to hike but be warned, no two hiking trails are the same. There will be many trails that are suited for hikers in the fall and others that are dangerous to use in those months. Unfortunately, every trail is different so it’s hard to say for certainty what the prime seasons are for every one of them.

For example, March, April, May and September are perfect for hikers looking at the Grand Canyon but not suitable for Ben Nevis. It can be very difficult to say when you are best heading out but you should always double check the weather conditions for your chosen months before booking any flights or making any plans.

There will be months where the weather conditions are perfect and other times when they aren’t. You have to remember, weather changes so quickly and when you are a hiker that can be dangerous. No matter which trail you choose, you must research what months would work best to help reduce the risk to your life.