Own a Glock? How a Micro Roni System Can Enhance Your Home Defense Capabilities

The king of a castle had to protect it too. The same is true in today’s life. If you have a home, you need home defense capabilities to protect it, and civilian firearms are the best way to go about it. When it comes to civilian firearms, handguns, shotguns, and rifles, come to mind.

Handguns, especially the Glocks, are the choice for many. Despite their simple design and easy firing mechanism, Glocks have some disadvantages too, such as compactness, low accuracy, and low muzzle velocity. But what if you could bring together the best of Glocks and Rifles? That would be great, right? Micro Roni can enable you to use a Glock as a Rifle.

What Is a Micro Roni?

If you are new to turning your sidearms into a Short-Barreled-Rifle (SBR), you might get confused about a Micro Roni. Well, Micro Roni, sometimes Mini Roni, is a polymer shell where you can insert your Glock and use it as a Rifle. The shell contains a stock to shoulder it and a rail on the top to mount accessories, making it look and feel like a Rifle.

A Micro Roni can enhance your Glock both in terms of length and features. You can use several Glocks like 17,19, 22, and 23 into the Micro Roni kit. All you need to do is adjust the compensator of the Micro Roni to make it adjustable to different Glocks.

How a Micro Roni System Enhances Your Home Defense?

Like any other civilian firearm, a Glock has a set of pros and cons. Glocks are easy to handle, and you can fire them even with a single hand. That gives them an edge with close-range targets. But when it comes to mid to long-range targets, say 50 meters, the accuracy becomes a challenge. Hence, rapid, accurate firing is not possible with Glocks. Moreover, even the most advanced Glocks can only have a single mount. So, you can only mount one accessory at a time on a Glock.

A Micro Roni kit can help overcome all these issues. To begin with, Micro Roni allows installing many accessories to its upper and lower decks and sides. Thus, you can easily install iron sights or optics as and when you like.

The next thing is its stabilizing capabilities. The Micro Roni conversion kit can help stabilize the Glock, making it easy to fire rapid shots at high accuracy. The combination of easily mountable accessories, easy handling, rapid-fire at high precision, and quick drawing capabilities makes it a preferable home defense system.

The best thing is that it still does not take out the biggest advantage of a Glock. You can shoulder it after converting a Glock to a Rifle using the Micro Roni kit. However, you can also use it with a single hand if such a situation arises. So, when you have close combat with someone while protecting your house, use it as a Glock. When having long-range combat, use it as a Rifle for better accuracy. The best of both worlds, as I would say.

Converting Your Glock Into a Micro Rini

Micro Rini allows a hassle-free installation that does not require extra tools or Glock platform changes. All you need to do is open the hatch, plug in the Glock, push it forward, and lock it. That’s how easy it is.

Roni is also extremely customizable. Its large polymer shell allows installing multiple accessories such as lights, lasers, and optics. There’s also a space to include an internal flashlight if you aim in the dark. The Roni has four different points to connect the shoulder straps, making it easy to handle. You can also use the one or two-point connection based on your preference.

Leveraging a Micro Roni can enhance your Glock and your home defense capabilities. However, before buying a Micro Roni, it is essential to beware of a few things. There’s still no clear answer on to what extent Americans are allowed to carry a loaded firearm outside the house. Hence, it is advised not to carry your Micro Roni equipped with a Glock outside your home.

Moreover, if you convert your Glock into a Rifle using the Micro Roni, you cannot license it as a pistol. Even though you are still firing a Glock, you will have to register it as a Short-Barreled Rifle. Since you’ll be using stock on your Glock, using it as a handgun will be illegal under the current Federal Law. But once you register it as a Short-Barreled Rifle, you can use it for better home defense.