Gun Safe for My AR15

A gun safe is almost a must if you want to keep your guns along with all the other accessories safe and organized at home or elsewhere. Gun safes are perfect for preventing anyone who is not you from randomly walking in and stealing your guns or even misusing them. Moreover, if you keep your guns are home, where your family, you might want to seriously consider investing in a good gun safe to prevent anyone from mistakenly misfiring one of your guns which might lead to an accident or injury. Here are some more reasons on why you should quickly purchase a gun safe and some tips on choosing the right one.

Why should you own a gun safe

  • Keeping children out of harm’s way: Keeping your child or any child for that matter away from a gun is of utmost importance. Moreover, precautions should be taken so that they cannot get access to one when no one is looking or no guardian or parent is present. A child might easily walk into your room, unknowingly pick up your favorite rifle and unknowingly bring harm to him or others around him. This is where a good gun safe comes into play. If you had kept your guns locked up safely, a potential accident is prevented.
  • Cheaper insurance: You have got some of the best firearms but insuring them is surely a pain at times. But the good news is, there are many insurance companies out there that cut down insurance rates for those users who keep their guns in a safe. So, although the initial investment on a gun safe might be a bit expensive, you will save money in the long run and reap the benefits soon.
  • Less prone to damage: There is no telling when our homes might go up in flames or get drowned in a flood, but at least your guns will be safe. Most gun safes are extremely resistant to fires and do not allow water near your weapons, so, in the event of an emergency, you can rest easy knowing your guns will be safe from the ordeal.
  • Knowing where they are: Having a gun safe around means you will be more likely to keep your weapons organized and ordered. Additionally, you might never have to search around for your weapon as you will know exactly where to find it.

A common argument against gun safes is that they make access to the gun more painful than before. This is not very true at all as most gun safes are designed for quick access and convenient storage, especially in the case of pistol safes. As for access, most modern gun safes have some form of quick and safe technological unlocking mechanism like an RFID system, Bluetooth system or even biometric locks which can be opened with dealing with keypads, keys or combination locks.

Types of gun safes

To start off, you will have to first assess how big, or rather, long the guns you want to store are. If you want to store rifles or shotguns you will be needed a long gun safe. These are usually larger so space available is a concern. Therefore, before going out to purchase one, plan ahead on where you are going to put it and make space for it if you do not have any. The size of the safe also depends on the number of guns you own. If you have many guns, then you will be requiring a must larger safe.

There are pistol safes too, which are very discrete when compared to the gun safes used for rifles. Some of these safes can be attached to your desk or another piece of furniture with easy access for you alone. Additionally, some of the pistol safes come with electronic locks that require a password from a keypad to open. One of the best features of the top quality pistol safes is that they open in a quick-draw position. That is, the gun is ready for action as soon as you open the safe. This is very useful in emergency situations. You may never know when you need a gun, and if the situation arises, it would probably be best if you were ready for action instead of having to fiddle around for a bit. In addition to all this, some of the more expensive pistol safes are very quiet. If you want to discreetly pull out your weapon in an emergency situation without alerting anyone, silence is key and a good pistol gun safe will provide you with that.

What to look for in a safe

These are some of the major concerns when you purchase a gun safe:

  1. Size: Size is determined by what you store. As mentioned before, the size and shape of your safe will be largely dependent on the arsenal you own, be it pistols or automatic rifles.
  2. Steel Penetration: Ensure that the safe you buy has a high steel gauge so that any thieves that try to access your collection are met with failure. The higher the steel gauge of a safe, the more impenetrable your safe will become.
  3. Door Thickness: The thickness of the door will determine how resilient it is against burglars and such.
  4. Bolts: You will want not only thick bolts but multiple bolts in your safe to ensure safety. Some cheaper safes only come with two bolts to lock your safe in place while others come with up to 10 bolts to firmly hold the safe tight and shut.
  5. Lock: Most modern safes come with easier locks that are more secure in the form of Bluetooth enable locks which you can control with your smartphone or biometric locks which you can open with just your fingerprint. The traditional options are there if you do not need a super-fast unlocking mechanism.


Now that you know why you need a safe and what to look out for when buying one, you are well equipped to go out and get one perfect for your AR15.