When to Choose Between a Camping Bed Tent and a Standard Tent

When it comes to camping gear, you have no scarcity of options. Depending on your budget, destination and the type of adventure you want, you can choose from a variety of bed tents, camping tents, standard tents and sleeping bags. Despite all these, an area where most people get confused is choosing between camping bed tents and standard tents.

As it happens, both of them have their own bright and not-so-bright sides. Of course, if you make the wrong choice, that could impact your overall camping experience as well. That’s why it makes sense to understand which one is better before you make the final call. In this article, we’ve done a quick comparison of camping bed tents and standard tents. Let’s get started with the basic introduction to both.

Standard Tent vs Camping Bed Tent

Standard tents refer to the common type of tents that we have been seeing for quite a few decades. It has been used by campers across the world for quite some time. depending on the purpose, however, the design of the tent may vary a bit. At the core, you are looking at a tent that can house a single person in most of the cases. However, nowadays, you also get tents that can easily be folded and carried around. Portability, like almost every other product in the world, was applicable in the growth of tents as well.

Camping Bed Tents are a result of the need for convenience. Now, we talked about portability as an added feature in most products. Here, however, we are looking at a tent that has been optimized for camping. But the most important part of a camping tent is the included sleeping cot. It means you have a dedicated space that you can use for sleeping, instead of sleeping on the floor or some other material. In most products, the space is given some extra ground support for convenient sleeping as well.

Now that you know the basic things, shall we check out the major differences?

The Advantages of a Camping Bed Tent

As you have noticed, a camping bed tent is an advanced form of standard tent. Now, let’s look at the major reasons why a lot of people prefer a camping bed tent to a normal tent.

  • Convenience is one of the major reasons why people recommend camping bed tents over the normal type of tents. As we said earlier, these tents normally have dedicated space for sleeping and storage options. This will be helpful if you are looking for long-term camping needs.
  • Camping bed tents are also considered more weather-friendly by design. These tents have a design with sufficient vents and air flow. This means you will have no trouble in using the same tent during winter and summer and on most of the terrains.
  • Extended Support is given for the bed-rest and storage. This means the things you keep inside a tent, including yourself, will be safe from the ground. For instance, even if it rains, you will be kept away from the flow of water.
  • Added Safety is also another reason why many people go for a camping bed tent instead of the usual tents. This is also one of the reasons why camping bed tents are considered a companion for almost every camper, given that you have also purchased the best bed for camper in advance.

In addition, you may have extra features for storage and convenience too. I mean, it’s good to have a camp tent that lets you keep everything you want at a safe yet accessible distance, right?

The Potential Problems

There aren’t any noticeable issues with camping bed tents as such. At least not when you are comparing the major features. However, compared to normal tents, camping bed tents are more expensive. The prices may escalate further if you are looking for additional features and more portable designs. Also, because they have these many features, camping bed tents are bulky in size as well.

The Bottom Line

We hope you were able to make the right pick between camping bed tents and standard tents. If you ask us, we would recommend going for camping bed tents, despite the extra money you have to pay. At the end of the day, you are getting safety, convenience and customizability — which matter a lot when you’re camping.