How to Get Rid of Pesky Bugs while Camping?

There are times when you wished you could be home. Especially summer nights in camping site having just arrived at your tent after a long day the only thing you don’t need to happen is to get bitten by a swarm of pesky bugs. These annoying pesky bugs keep on being virtually everywhere in the camping site especially when you are close to rivers all other water reservoirs that attract all those pests.

Besides the great annoyance that these bugs are giving to you there are also some health-related issues that need to be addressed when you are living in close proximity to them. They can give you some of the rarest contagious diseases that can be listed in the medical books. There are several persons who have suffered from fever and other painful skin irritations after being bitten by pesky bugs.

Are there ways to naturally get rid of these pesky bugs? What are the main issues that can happen to you when you are dealing with pesky bugs? When is their population more solid and multiplying through the year?

These and many other questions that you always wanted to know about, but you never dared to ask will be answered in this review. Most people are always in need to know about the flora and fauna of the camping site they are going to reside in. Many times, they come there prepared with some jungle formulas to keep the bugs away from their precious and sensitive skin. However, this whole procedure requires perfect precision and care so that you will always feel free to go wherever you want without having the limitations that pesky bugs are imposing on you.

What are the health risks from pesky bugs?

camping fire and starry skyMost of the pesky bugs are harmless. This means they can only provoke some skin irritation that is self-limited most of the time. The majority of people bitten by pesky bites are having some swollen skin areas and nothing else than that. The symptoms are usually itching on the site that is gradually becoming less and less important for the person bitten.

However, there are some persons that have an extremely sensitive immune system that can over-react to such a bite. This means we have experienced people to suffer from severe inflammation and high fever after a pesky bug has bitten them. This has led many of them to the emergency room for adrenaline shots in order to make them relax and prevent further problems from their respiratory and vascular systems.

There are some unlucky persons that have been bitten by pesky bugs that were carriers of certain bacteria or viruses. These were usually brought from Africa or Asia since the global climate change has brought various tropical bugs to places that were usually off-limits for their presence. These bugs have great chances to transmit the viruses to your bloodstream and then you can start having signs of general infection and certainly need to take an intravenous antibiotic or antiviral treatment.

Hopefully, these bites from such pesky bugs are not so frequent. You will feel more excited to know that there are times people have died from such bites, but these are measured to the fingers of your one hand.

Natural remedies to get rid of pesky bugs when being in the camping site

Many times, you just need to eradicate these pesky bugs simply by spraying a natural formula that will make you smell a lot better and keep them away for the rest of the night. Peppermint is the basic substance of such a formula that needs to be added in an equal amount of distilled water and then sprayed on your skin.

This formula is the most successful against the pesky bites. It can create a natural shield that protects you against these pests that are there to bite you and get fed by your own blood. Going on there is also the chance to create natural formulas out of citrus. The oils that are in the citrus plant have a great scent for human beings but a disgusting one for the pesky bugs. This means you may easily apply this formula on you and then you will be bug-free for the rest of the night in your tent or hiking in nature with your friends while being close to your camping.

Another great solution can be the cinnamon camphor tree that keeps on being one of the best natural remedies against pesky bugs. Right after these bugs are smelling this unique scent is leaving your premises. This formula is not for you to apply it on your skin, but you can certainly spray your tent before you engage in your night sleeping procedures. Stay reassured that this formula will keep the pesky bugs away from you until the next morning.

Finally, since we all know that pesky bugs are attracted by your breath stay away from alcoholic beverages and beers during dinner time. You will feel a lot better when you are going to bed and your breath is going to contain less carbon dioxide that is one of the most important substances to attract the pesky bugs.


Pesky bugs have been in nature for thousands of years. When you want to reside in the wilderness in case you have visited camping then keeping away from the pesky bugs would be the recommended solution for you. Many people are trying chemical formulas to keep them away from them, but this hasn’t been proved to be the normal solution. Make sure you can prepare your own natural home remedy that can be sprayed on your skin for even better results.

Also, keep in mind that not all pesky bugs are harmful to your health. However, you need to take care of your alimentary habits so that you smell a lot less like a sweet for the pesky bugs. Stay away from the pesky bugs bites and thrive!