How To Get Ready For Your Next Adventure Holiday

Adventure holidays are set to become more popular than ever. After spending a prolonged period of time indoors, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike are expected to start visiting locations of incredible natural beauty and extreme outdoor adventure. Indeed, going on an adventure holiday is certainly an exhilarating, memorable, and transformational experience. However, exploring the great outdoors does carry an element of risk. Whatever your plans, it’s therefore important to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to set yourself up for success.

Practice, practice, practice

Before your adventure holiday, work on building your fitness, strength, and skills needed for the activities you’ll be doing. For example, if you’ll be rock climbing, practice climbing at home to work on your forearm, hand and finger strength. You don’t necessarily need to practice outdoors or at a climbing wall: simply mount a climbing hangboard on your wall at home, and you’ll be ready to go. A climbing hangboard allows you to use the holes or grooves to improve your grip and strength with exercises like fingertip pull-ups. Or, if you’re going to be canoeing, make sure you’re aware of the most basic strokes so you’ll end up feeling more adept and confident on the water. For example, learning the J-stroke and forward stroke will help you steer your canoe more efficiently.

Bring comfortable gear

The type of gear you bring can either make or break your adventure holiday experience. So, depending on the activities you’ll be doing, you may need to bring high-quality warm clothing, boots, knee pads, or even helmets, safety glasses, and ear defenders. Moreover, you’ll have a better time if you wear and use clothing and equipment you’re already familiar with and know is comfortable and efficient. For instance, it’s crucial to bring hiking boots you’ve already worn in and you know don’t give you blisters. Additionally, a brand new backpack may end up rubbing on your shoulders and leave you with irritated skin if it doesn’t fit well. It’s therefore important to only use a backpack you already find comfortable. In fact, this rule should extend to all your clothing and equipment. Your adventure holiday isn’t the right time to try out new gear for the first time.

Research the location

Wherever you’re headed off to, it pays to spend time researching the general location beforehand. Be sure to have an understanding of the routes you’ll be using, along with the weather and terrain conditions. If, during your holiday, you somehow end up losing your group (if you’re traveling with others) or you find your environment becomes affected by extreme weather conditions, you’ll be glad you spent time doing this — being familiar with the terrain can help you out of a tight spot.

Going on an adventure holiday is a must for every outdoor enthusiast. However, it’s sensible to keep in mind that things don’t always go to plan, which means proper preparation and precautions are needed at every skill level.