7 Essential Items That Will Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable

If you haven’t ever been on a camping trip, it is something that you definitely should try, at least once in your lifetime. This way, you can go on a budget trip anywhere you want – you are not limited by the proximity of hotels. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about comfort – that is, if you plan your RV trip thoroughly. If you decided to finally buy a camper van, congratulations – now you’ve got an opportunity to spend more time surrounded by nature. To make the experience even more comfortable, it’s necessary to furnish your RV well.

Don’t worry, though – you won’t have to think about what to buy; we’ve got a list right here. In the article below, you’ll find a number of essential items that will make any camping trip more comfortable – such as a portable freezer, grill utensils, a camp kitchen, a sleeping bag, and many more. Read on – and make sure that your RV trip is a luxurious vacation.

A Portable Refrigerator

If you want to make your camping trip more relaxing, you need to go prepared. Unfortunately, most RV’s don’t have a built-in refrigerator. This is not very convenient, as it makes it hard for the owner to store food and drinks. There is an easy solution to this problem, though – you can simply buy a portable freezer. This device will allow you to take a lot of food with you without getting worried that it will go bad.

Grill Utensils

If you want to cook outside, it’s a good idea to bring grill utensils with you – you probably wouldn’t want to eat raw meat or fish. Also, depending on how often you plan on grilling, it might be a good idea to invest in a gas grill with a rotisserie function (this way, you won’t need to rotate the food manually). There are quite a few options available – choose the one that works best for you. Don’t forget about grilling accessories too – such as skewers, tongs, brushes, etc. They will come in handy if you decide to grill seafood or vegetables that require special treatment.

A Folding Camping Table

If you love cooking outdoors, consider getting a folding camping table – trust us, it can get very handy. It will allow you to prepare food without worrying about too little space inside the RV – and there’s also less chance that someone will cut themselves when cooking. While this item may not be the smallest one inside your RV, you’ll definitely enjoy it during long summer trips.

Essential Items That Will Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable

A Good Camping Knife

When you go on a camping trip, it is very important to have a good, reliable knife with you. This way, you won’t have to worry about food preparation – and you can focus on the fun parts of your trip. While a regular knife will do just fine, we suggest that you buy a camping knife – these tools are designed specifically for this type of trip. They are sharp and strong enough to cut through wood as well as other materials.

A Sleeping Bag

If you plan on sleeping in your camper van, make sure that you bring a sleeping bag with you. This way, you won’t have to worry about comfort at all – and you don’t have to buy a larger bed either. A sleeping bag is very light and portable – so it won’t take up much space in your RV. On top of that, it’s relatively cheap – yet another reason why you should consider buying it.

A Solar Charger

At some point of the trip, you’ll need to charge your phone or laptop – and this can be quite a problem if you don’t have access to electricity. However, there is a way to charge your electronic devices with the power of the sun – that’s why we suggest that you buy a portable solar charger. These devices are lightweight and easy to use – and they can be very useful, especially since they can charge your gadgets just as quickly as regular chargers.

A Camping Skillet

While a frying pan is not the smallest item in your RV, you will definitely enjoy using it during long summer trips. It will allow you to prepare delicious food and to cook it over a fire without any difficulty. And a good fire (of course, if you know how to build one) will give your meals a pleasant smoky smell – you won’t get that with an in-built stove and a regular pan.
Final Thoughts

Camping can be pretty exciting, but many people don’t like it because of weather conditions, insects, or canned food. Fortunately, as we’ve established in this article, these issues have a solution – whether it’s a portable fridge, a camping toilet, or a repellent.

These are just a few of the essential items that you should take with you on your RV trip. Of course, there are many more – but these are definitely some of the most important ones. A portable fridge, a solar charger, grill utensils, a folding table, and a sleeping bag – if you have all of these items in your camper van, you’ll be able to enjoy your journey without worrying about comfort.

Don’t take any chances – just buy everything that we’ve listed in this article (or at least everything you may need) – and enjoy your pleasant trip.

Essential Items That Will Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable

Essential Items That Will Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable