Deer Camp Comfort That Won’t Slow You Down

Deer camps, almost by definition, are rough around the edges. It’s part of the appeal of them, to be honest. We all like to get out and go a little “mountain man” now and then. We play poker, belch and burp, scratch where we shouldn’t, and generally just do all things we really can’t do in polite society.


Good times!

Still, a little comfort never hurt anyone. We want the top of the line hunting blinds with state-of-the-art camouflage, waterproofing, a 360-degree view, and lightweight enough to move from place to place if need be. We want all those things, don’t we? Sure we do.

Why not a tent that’s easy to move around that still gives us a warm, comfortable place to spend our hours at night? Well, it turns out the Truck Tent Center has just the thing.


Truck Tents

Truck tents, tents that are mounted in the bed of your truck, will give you deer camp comfort that won’t slow you down when it’s time to move to a different site. You’ll have to specify how long the bed of your truck is (minus the tailgate) when you’re getting it, and you should get one of the special air mattresses that are made for them, but once you do, you’re in like Flynn.

These tents have straps that tie it down to the sides and wheel wells.  There’s a “porch” on the tailgate, with windows and vents all around. Fiberglass rods hold up the roof just like in a normal tent. There’s plenty of headroom inside even with the air mattress in place. On the inside, it’s a tunnel-shaped tent with all the comfort you need.

Weather Worries

Inclement weather is a constant issue during deer season, prompting a lot of discussion on how to stay warm in cold weather environments. Dress in layers, wear thermal underwear, watertight boots, and be sure to keep your head warm. There are as many opinions on what equipment to use as there are people to spout them. As long as you don’t freeze you can call it good.

Your truck tent won’t let you down on that score either. Due to its pocket-sized size and advanced materials, a small space heater can warm it up in a matter of minutes. One man reported putting up his truck tent and being able to heat it up to 70 degrees in ten minutes – while it was sleeting and snowing all around him.


Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping in a truck tent is like using a regular tent, except it isn’t. We’ll help you with a few tips to improve your trip.

●       Parking

Sleeping in the bed of your truck requires a level parking spot. A little tilt this way or that can seem like a lot more in the middle of the night when you’re trying to fall asleep without rolling up against one side of the bed.

●       Luggage

We usually put our boxes and bags in the bed of the truck then haul them into the cabin. With a tent truck, you’ll need to have small enough boxes and bags that you can put them into the cab of the truck at night to make room for the tent.

●       Trees

Don’t park under trees. Heavy snowfall can break the branches and bring them crashing down. Bad storm and wind shear can accomplish the same thing. Unless you want a tree as a bunk mate, stay away from them. The tent will keep you warm without them.


General Camping Ideas

Besides tips that are specific to truck tents, there a number of ordinary camping tips you should know about and use.

●       Duct Tape, Rope, and Wire

These are the big three when it comes to repairing, fixing, or securing camping equipment and gear. If you can’t fix it with one of these three (or some combination of them) it probably can’t be fixed anyway.

●       Plastic Sleds

A child’s plastic sled, with a wide flat bottom, is the ideal way to move piles of gear from one place to another. It’s also handy when you’re lugging a dead deer back to camp from umpteen zillion miles away.

●       Swiss Army Knife

This is the ultimate camper’s tool. These little beauties have everything; screwdrivers, snips, hole punches, bottle openers, and more. Stick one in your pocket and you’re ready for anything.


Final Round-Up

With a little creativity, your deer camp can be comfortable as well as mobile.

Deer Camp Comfort That Won’t Slow You Down