7 Must have Outdoor Camping Gears

With the onset of summer, the adventurer in you is raring to come out. You are desperately looking to organize your backpack and explore the splendor of nature intimately.

Camping is the best way to escape from the daily hustle and bustles, and the monotonous lifestyle. However, you are unsure on the must-have outdoor camping gears you should carry in such trips.

You fire up your laptop/computer/smartphone and rummage the internet for suggestions. The abundance of ideas can confuse you soon. If you are reading this, you are in the right place.

We intend to keep things straight and simple and guide you on the seven must-have outdoor camping gears. You can always thank us later, as your camping experience will be very satisfying henceforth.

Prioritizing your requirements

Understandably, the excitement of sleeping in the open, to be price basking under the stars is awe-inspiring. However, abandoning the normal lifestyle, you are habituated to, and camping in the woods is very different. It can call in a plethora of problems. So, choosing the perfect outdoor gear becomes indispensable.

The list of gears can be exhaustive. It mainly depends on the place you intend to set up the camp, and the duration of the stay.

Nevertheless, you should always regard these seven outdoor gears as obligatory for all your future camping. Without much ado, let us tell you about them.

 1. Campsite Chairs

Campsite chairs should be your priority. For camping, you can easily find folding chairs, which are ultra-light, ultra-portable, and ultra-comfortable.

You can choose from the several ranges of chairs which add to the comfort when you want to slide your back and enjoy the spectacle of nature.

Now, in pursuit of getting a lighter chair, you do not want it to be blown away by the wind. The Helinox is a trusted brand that is known for its vast range of camping chairs.

You can check here to know best camping chairs according to expert’s which are ideal for camping.

2. The proper campsite lighting

Your enjoyment in the wilderness will be short-lived if you do not have the appropriate lighting arrangements. Thankfully, the portable battery-powered lamps are an excellent choice over traditional lanterns.

The present-day camping lanterns will offer you a host of features, like charging your phone, adjusting the light depending on your location, and much more.

Some of them like the Biolite Baselantern includes its app, and thus offers a host of conveniences. These lights are very durable and have stainless steel legs and a 12000 mAh rechargeable power bank.

3. Water filter

Many people commit this vital mistake. They take the water supplies in the camping spot for granted. However, there can be situations, when you do not find proper sources of drinking water.

Thus, it is prudent to carry water-filtering bottle attachments. You will find some potent products that effectively remove the bulk of the waterborne parasites.

So, even if you are alone in the wild, you need not worry about compromising with inferior water quality.

Lifestraw is one such renowned product that includes a filter along with the bottle and should be there in the must-haves list.

4. Tents

Outdoor camping, at the present day, has become one of the most favorite recreational activities. The feeling out there cannot be expressed in words.

But, after a long hard day, when you are looking to hit the hay, the tent will be your haven.

Now, you cannot pick up a tent randomly. Instead, you should spend some time selecting the best ones that have the capability of sustaining adverse weather conditions. Additionally, these tents should also guarantee your proper safety.

The Coleman’s tents, particularly the Sundrome 4 models deserve a special mention. Not only are they easy to put up, but it also ensures you have sufficient ventilation. This tent is ideal for those who get the chance to escape in the wild, a few times each year.

5. Sleeping Bags

If you have prior experience of outdoor camping, then you can probably recollect how badly you missed the sleeping bag, or blankets that time.

Yes, you heard it right, we are listing this in the category of must-haves, even during the summer. Because, you never know, when it can get cold all of a sudden and being unprepared, you have no option but to shiver till the sun dawns.

The REI Co-op Trail Pod 30 is an affordable choice in this category. It lacks the traditional design of sleeping bags, but it is very spacious. It will always give you the comfort you seek and is tailor-made for camping in all the three seasons.

6. Camping Stove

Again, it will be a mistake on your part, if you presume you will have a campfire to cook. Thus, a portable camping stove is also a must-have gear for your outdoor camping.

Of course, you must take into account the items you will be cooking, the time of the year when you are camping, and how many people are there in your group.

The Primus Kinjia camping stove is in the limelight currently. This stove is a perfect balance in the aspects of compactness, robustness, and capacity. Lighting it up is super easy, and the flame will stay put regardless of the windy conditions.

7. Thick Socks

We bet you might have never considered these thick socks in the category of must-haves for camping.

The thick socks offer a bunch of utilities, and they keep your feet healthy and dry; protect your ankles and feet from insect bites, that are common in open locations.

Here is an important tip, never pick up thin ankle socks as they will invariably cause blisters.

The Darn Tough Hiker Micro can be your best choice.

These socks provide mid-level cushioning, and they are incredibly comfortable and soft on your feet. Furthermore, they are antimicrobial and can control the fluctuating temperatures.


Always remember, when you are planning for outdoor camping, do not compromise on any of these items listed above.

Yes, each campsite will be unique, and it pays to perform research of the area before packing your bags.

Regardless of the amenities, you can expect to find in your preferable campgrounds, and you will find these gears we mentioned above very handy.