Reasons You Should Purchase Your Own Bow Press

There are many advantages to purchasing your own bow rather than renting one. For example, if you have a bow, your shooting skills will improve since you’ll have more time to practice. Purchasing a customized bow according to your size, draw length, and personal preferences can make archery even more fun. But, don’t forget to consider buying a bow press.

A bow press helps archers get the most out of archery, and they’re essential for maintaining and tuning the bow. Making a customized bow press that you’d love to use can improve your skills and will make sure your bow is always in good condition.

In this article, we’ll break down a couple of reasons why it’s good to have your own bow press.

Replace a broken string silencer

Things like string silencers don’t last forever, so you’ll probably have to change them from time to time. When a silencer breaks, it could alter performance to a degree. But the great news is that it is a simple fix if you have a bow press and a couple of spare silencers.

Just press the bow until the bowstring slacks and then separate the strands in half. Put a new silencer in the broken or missing one’s place, and you’ll have a new string silencer. If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, ask a professional to help you figure things out, so next time you can do it yourself.

Straighten a crooked peep sight

A crooked peep sight is a common issue that many people who practice archery have experienced. Some people tolerate this, although it probably is very difficult to shoot with a crooked one. The shooting consistency will probably suffer from this.

To straighten a crooked peep, press the bow until the bowstring is slack. Then, remove it from the cam peg, and rotate until the peep is straight, and replace the bowstring on the peg. It might take a couple of tries, but if it doesn’t work out, just throw it and get a quality pre-stretched string-and-cable set.

Fix cam

Having to fix the cam is another good reason why it’s better to have your own bow press. After buying a bow and shooting for some time, things will settle in. This might lead to a tuning problem known as cam lean. To identify this, you can close the eye that’s not dominant, for example, the left one, and study the cam.

In case the bowstring doesn’t align with the cam’s string track, it’s a sign that the cam is leaning. Once you press the bow, you can tighten the split buss on the side opposite of the lean direction. Do a twist until the cam aligns perfectly with the string track.

Synchronize cams

Cam timing is a critical aspect of compound bow tuning that every archer should keep in mind. Cams are the workforce of the bow, and they control the string and cables. Correcting the cam lean or cable stretch can desynchronize cam timing, resulting in a dubious back wall. This can be uncomfortable and can cause a low or high paper tear, meaning the arrows will not leave the bow properly when the cam timing is askew.

If you have a 2-cam bow, both of them must roll over in sync with one another. If you want to check the timing on your dual-cam bow, have a friend watch you draw and pay attention to the draw stops to see when they hit. An even better way to check is to use a draw board. To fix the timing, twist and untwist the cable on the cam until it sits properly concerning the timing mark.

Lubricate axles

Lubricating the axles of your bow is essential for ensuring the smooth movement of both the cables and the cams. With lubrication, you’ll prevent friction when you’re drawing your bow. Just make sure you’re using oil that doesn’t contain cleaning agents, and it’s good to have a bow press to help with this.

If your bow has needle bearings you shouldn’t use oil, instead use a specially formulated grease lubricant on the axles. Most compound bows can be serviced easily with a bow press. That’s why owning one can make it much easier, especially when it comes to lubricating the axles.

Final thoughts

Before deciding to purchase a bow press make sure it’s approved for the bow model you’re using. Refer to the bow press owner’s manual and make sure you follow it closely. Remember to check whether the strings and cables are properly connected to the cams before you unpress your bow. If you’re having trouble with your new bow press, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help.

Reasons You Should Purchase Your Own Bow Press

Reasons You Should Purchase Your Own Bow Press