How Archery Can Help Improve Your Survival Skills

There’s a reason that archery has been around for so long and has been used for a wide variety of purposes. If you like to camp and be out in the wild, archery is certainly a skill that you would want to develop. Also, being a skilled archer can help you survive in different environments in the wild if you’re ever stranded there.

Contrary to popular belief, learning archery is actually easy and cheap. There are now training facilities and tools that can help you practice the sport. Archery targets, for example, are smart investments because you can hone your skills with these and practice the sport anywhere.

Learning the basics of archery and practicing as often as possible can improve your survival skills in the long run. Here’s how:

  1. Access To An Immediate Weapon

Whenever you need to showcase your survival skills, you may not have an automatic rifle available to fall back on. Since you are in the wild, it’s not like you’re going to be able to run to the store. More often than not, you’ll have to compromise and make use of materials available outdoors.

Archery can improve your survival skills as this sport can teach you a lot on how a bow and arrow works, and how you can make these items in the wild.

Remember that the first people who practiced archery only used flint, metal stone, and other hard materials as their bows and arrows. Learning the sport allows you to understand what specific materials are suitable to be used as alternatives to bows and arrows.

With this knowledge, you can easily scout for different materials outdoors, and make your own bow and arrow.

  1. Hunt And Collect Food


During ancient times, archery wasn’t a sport or recreational activity. The practice of using a bow and arrow was actually adapted by the Ancient Egyptians to hunt for food. When you know how to play archery, you can also utilize the sport as a means to hunt.

Instead of a shooting range, your target will likely be animals in the forests or oceans. Your skills in archery can surely go a long way for you to feast on fish and other types of meat when you’re outdoors.

Since your bodily functions are highly dependent on the nutrients you can get from food, archery can play a signal role in your survival. With this skill, you won’t starve yourself to death because you have the necessary skills and tools to hunt for food.

  1. Protection

Surviving the great outdoors is challenging. Aside from thinking about your food supply, you also have to make sure that you’re safe from any type of danger. Being trapped in a forest, for example, can increase your chances of becoming prey to wild animals.

A bow and arrow can be a great weapon to protect yourself. When you know how to create and use a bow and arrow, you can shoot wild animals and scare them away. This weapon can signal the animals that you’re well-armed, and you can easily inflict pain on them.

Shooting wild animals for your own protection is a better option than running. The latter can consume more of your energy and doesn’t warrant that the animals won’t come back to get you.

  1. Opens Up Other Survival Skills

Learning archery won’t only teach you how to shoot an arrow with a bow. This sport also serves as an avenue for you to develop intense concentration and focus, gain clarity of mind, improve balance and coordination, and boost your distance judging abilities.

All of these skills will become innate to you once you spend a lot of time learning and practicing archery. The skills you’ll learn from archery will make it simple for you to survive the wilderness.

Here’s how:

  • If you want to excel in archery, you have to understand what wind speed is and how this can affect the direction and flight of your arrow. Having a strong background on wind speed will not only improve your aim, but certain levels of wind speed can also serve as indicators for upcoming storms and other types of weather conditions.

Determining when a storm is coming by observing the wind speed can help you prepare and protect yourself. Once you’ve identified that a storm will hit your location, you can improve your shelter or look for caves to ensure that you’re dry from the rain.

  • Patience is an important skill in archery. Aside from learning the sport from scratch, you’ll need to practice patience in assessing your skills, identifying where to improve, and adjusting your skills for the better.

You’ll need to practice a lot of patience if you want to survive outdoors. For one, you need to be patient in following an animal for food and wait for the right moment to shoot. Hastily shooting any animals outdoors will only shoo them away.

Prioritize Learning

Aside from being an easy sport to learn, archery can also open a wealth of other benefits. Regularly playing this sport allows you to socialize with other people, improve your physical and mental health, and boost your confidence.

But, for you to enjoy these benefits and survive the wild outdoors using the sport, it’s important that you first exert time and effort in learning it first. Having the determination to learn will make it very easy for you to become an archer!