The Best Holographic Sight To Look For

best holographic sight

The best holographic weapon sight is where the amateurs, as well as the pros, focus.  It is a regular part of the shooting process. A standard optical scope forces the user to have his eye lined up with the scope to put the reticle (or a series of fine lines) over the target.   If there is not a perfect alignment, the reticle ends up not pointing to the same location on the target as the gun is pointing. The standard optical has fallen out of vogue in favor of the holographic weapon sight.

A holographic weapon sight alleviates the problems present with the standard optical scope.  First seen in 1998 and created by EOTech,  it is a gun sight that is non-magnifying.  It allows a user to look through an optical glass window.  In so doing, a reticle image is superimposed. With the use of a holographic weapon sight, the reticle is always on target where the gun is pointing.  So if you move your gun to the right, the reticle moves to the right.  If you move your gun to the left, the reticle moves to the left.  Therefore, the shooter has excellent control over accuracy and precision than ever before. With the advances in technology, these weapon sights are becoming more and more popular due to the ability to create these sights in a compact manner and with the capacity to reduce the cost of the sites considerably, making them more accessible to all shooters and not just a few.  However, counterfeit and low quality devices are also on the market, and it is important for the buyer to do research before a purchase.

Some Facts About Today’s Holographic Weapon Sights:

1. Today’s holographic weapon sights are made to be not only lightweight but also compact.

2. The process is performed with the inclusion of a laser light to illuminate the holographic reticle that is projected on the target plane.

3. The products often include rail space for other tools, such as rear iron sights or magnifiers.

4. The holographic weapon sights require a battery, such as a lithium battery or AA batteries.

5. They cost anywhere between $400 and $600 on average.

6. Although they are similar to Red Dot sights, they are not Red Dot sights.  You can tell a Red Dot sight by the aim point formed by an illuminated red dot.  The holographic weapon sights are more expensive and more complexed than the Red Dot and involve more than the standard red dot.

Pros and Cons About Today’s Holographic Weapon Sights


1. The aiming reticle is far superior over a Red Dot.  A Red Dot does what it sounds like, the shooter aims at a single red dot.  However, a holographic weapon sight uses a circular reticle.  This creates a greater ability for control and precision.

2. These are state-of-the-art devices.  That means that they are made with a sleeker design, as well as being lightweight and compact.  This is the shape of holographic weapon sights that people are looking for and that people have come to expect.

3. The target acquisition for these devices is such that the speed is faster than ever seen before.  The amount of precision and control attainable with these devices is part of what makes them so popular.  In addition, this functionality continues to be improved over the years.

4. The reticle on today’s holographic weapon sights is easy on the eyes.  There’s no concern about eye damage with these devices.  Also, the reticle is so powerful that it easily adjusts to various lighting conditions.  Furthermore, the field of vision with these devices is wider than with other devices, such as the Red Dot devices.


1. One of the biggest cons of holographic weapon sights is the battery life.  The devices use laser lights, and therefore, more electrical power is needed to sustain the lights.  Therefore, using these devices drains battery power.  It is strongly advised to make sure everything is turned off when not in use.  Otherwise, you will require more battery purchasing for the device than is necessary.

2. Some functionality requires memorization of button commands to maximize functionality.  For people who dislike having to memorize commands, such an interface can be a problem.

3. Although the holographic weapon sights are popular, they are more expensive than Red Dots, for example.  You must be willing to shell out up to $1,000 for the devices.  The typical devices range from $400 to $600.  However discounts for these devices can be found at particular sites.

4. Some have said that the Red Dots are better at longer distances than the holographic weapon sights.

Why EOTech Sights Are The Best:

When you talk of holographic weapon sights, you will see one manufacturer come up time and time again; that is EOTech, the inventors of the devices.  EOTech, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is in the business of designing, manufacturing and marking the electro-optic products.    The holographic weapon sights are built for not only small arms but also for military and law enforcement and EOTech is the name that military and law enforcement look for.

EOTech is the best when it comes to holographic weapon sights.  They have the products that have been tested over time to offer a superior product.  In fact, when looking for these devices, you know that you will get the best if you look for the EOTech label.  There are many counterfeit EOTech products on the market, and it is important for you to recognize those when you are seeking to purchase.

Genuine EOTech products can be found online at various dealers.  You simply visit the EOTech sight, and they will give a list of authorized dealers to choose from online.  Amazon, for example, is one of sites that offer EOTech products.

Reviews for the EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights:

User One is an ex-army person who was in the 101st airborne.  The holographic weapon sight mounted easily, tight and straight on his AR-15 9mm.  It took him less than 20 rounds to zero in.  The user experienced excellent sight picture and fast target acquisition. The user found that the brightness could be adjusted and that the device will turn itself off after four hours.  This saves on battery power.

User Two found that the ability to obtain an authentic model at a good price is possible with a little research.  Mounting was easy, in seconds, for the user with the regular hex nut or big thumbscrew.

User Three who is a US Army Infantry rifleman found that the EOTech was more reliable than the Aimpoint.  He found that the Aimpoint was hard to keep parts of it together, such as the screws.  The user found that EOTech was reliable, easy to operate and sturdy.

User Four indicated that the EOTech devices are used almost entirely by law enforcement and the U.S. military.  The user reported that there are a lot of benefits such as a wide field of view and a simple ease of function.  The devices are good for close combat, and the devices are easy on the eyes.  The user also indicated that the EOTech is easy to install.  All the user had to do was slide the device on the rail and then lock it down with the set screw.

Of all the holographic weapons sights, the EOTech devices are the ones that are recommended to purchase.  The devices can be found online at authorized dealers.  It’s important for users to do their research to avoid counterfeit devices.