The Top 5 Range Bags and Backpacks

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Let’s dive directly into our line-up of range bags. You can find the purchasing tips at the end of the article.

The Best 5 Range Bag/Backpack Reviews

1) Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

With almost $50 you can buy an amazingly sturdy, well-built range bag with many organizational options like the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag.

Offering plenty of space and pouches, this bag got us with these pros:

  • It’s versatile and functional in many range situations
  • You can fit the ear and eye protection, ammo, magazines, pistols and cleaning kit in this bag
  • It’s made of 600-denier polyester for extra durability
  • You get seven magazine pouches in the front compartment and four magazine pouches in the rear compartment
  • It contains 2 zipper handgun pouches on the outer side
  • There are adjustable and removable inner parts so that you can customize the main compartment to your needs
  • The carrying handles and shoulder strap are made of heavy-duty nylon and take the heavy loads also
  • The plastic feed to the bottom brings more protection to your gear
  • The padded pockets protect your valuable firearms and accessories
  • There are good, heavy zippers with thick pulls and knotted nylon ends
  • The handles are triple stitched
  • The bag fits at least 5 handguns and gives you 11 magazine pouches altogether
  • The magazine pouches are deeper than they appear
  • This looks like a regular bag so it doesn’t get your neighbor’s attention

There are only two things bothering us about this range bag:

  • It’s not waterproof
  • There are no zippers for the removable pouches in the side compartments.

As one can see, this qualifies for a great range bag anytime.


2) GunMate Range Bag

When your budget is limited but you still expect to get a good range bag, get yourself the GunMate Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers.

This bag gives you many good features to consider and these are our pros:

  • It gives you two lockable outer pockets coupled with roomy gun mags
  • The zipper is lockable
  • The side compartments include padded pistol rugs
  • There are zippers on both for easy and quick access
  • The zippers, pulls and snaps have good quality
  • The interior is highly customizable as it has 2 Velcro divider tabs
  • You can easily fit 2 guns
  • The bag has a good, sturdy built
  • The main compartment has removable hook and loop dividers
  • The side compartments are lockable, zippered and each hold a removable padded pistol rug
  • The price is unbeatable

Despite all of these qualities, there are some things we’re not really fond of so hear our cons:

  • There is no Molle webbing on this bag
  • The bag is not very large
  • The stitching is red, which is not very subtle (it’s stylish though)
  • The side pockets look the same so you can’t tell them apart
  • The bottom is not reinforced

All in all, you get a good, sturdy and well-built range bag, for a very good price.


3) Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

If your needs are larger and you want to carry around 12 pistols in your range bag, give it a go with the Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag.

Apart from the big capacity it gives for your gear, there are more pros to consider:

  • There are 13 padded and protected compartments for you to organize your gear
  • The bag gives you many nylon-elastic magazine and gear loops in the main compartment and outer compartments
  • You get two dedicated weapon pouches in the main compartment
  • The padded shoulder strap is quick-release for a faster removal when not in use
  • The bag features heavy duty, lockable zippers
  • There is good and strong stitching everywhere
  • There are ample pockets inside and outside the bag
  • You get padding everywhere on this bag so everything is protected all the time
  • There are many pockets for your items and gear
  • There are external ID windows for easier access
  • You get 5 magazine holders
  • Even though the bag gives you many organizational options, it doesn’t get bulky when full

Along with these good things, come some minor issues, though:

  • There is no Velcro adjustable divider in the large main pocket
  • The magazine holders are a bit tight
  • Once the center of the bag is full, the storage in the side pockets gets smaller

For the organization and sturdiness this range bag gives you, it’s a great buy on any given day.


4) G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

When you want to use as a range bag, a range backpack, you can start with this G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack.

This pack gives you great organization of your multiple items and there are many other good features that it offers:

  • The backpack holds 4 handguns in a vertical position
  • The foam cradle fully protects your gear
  • The inside high density foam storage cradle slides in and out of the lower compartment
  • It gives you 12 extra magazine spots
  • There are many pockets, pouches in pouches for your ammo, shooting glasses, ear protections, stapler, tape and everything else you might need
  • The top section is bigger than in pictures
  • You get labeled compartments
  • The backpack comes with its own “raincoat” for the rainy days
  • It has a rugged construction and a good build – the backpack stands up on its own even when unloaded
  • The side straps are comfortable
  • The backpack is well balanced
  • There are pockets and zippers everywhere
  • The side pockets fit even 6 extra mags each
  • There is great, smart design that went into this backpack

Besides these good things, some minor improvements may be made. Here are our cons:

  • There is no insert for the small items
  • The adjustable straps could use a better quality so they don’t tear from the weight
  • The backpack gives you so much space for your items, that you keep on loading it… And you discover that the fully loaded pack is too heavy.
  • The backpack doesn’t fit a larger revolver.

But, if you want to have a range backpack, this is a great buy for sure.


5) G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Another great backpack made specifically for the range is the G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack. Along with the comfort and easy access to everything that it offers, this pack comes with many other good features.

The pros:

  • You get three gun cases zippered pouch with a medium sized handgun pouch
  • There is good padding and stitching on the shoulder straps
  • There is Velcro on top rear of the pack for a better customization of the pack
  • The backpack is well built and is made of high denier nylon and DuPont Teflon treatment
  • You get easy access to everything
  • The internal pouches are well constructed and the Molle webbing and Velcro give more organizational options
  • There are heavy duty zippers and sturdy plastic buckles
  • The frame maintains the backpack compact
  • You can fit your ammo and other items in the 4 outside zippered pockets
  • There is an external bungee system for targets
  • The main compartment comes with a divider for a better organization
  • The backpack fits your cleaning kit in the bottom compartment
  • The zippered pouch near the top handle has a rain-shield

Some minor problems do appear on this backpack also, so here are the cons:

  • The backpack doesn’t really need a waist strap
  • The sleeves have a padded pouch so it’s tricky to fit anything bigger than medium size
  • There are too many straps
  • The magazine loops are not well sized
  • The shoulder straps should be longer
  • Even though it’s small, the backpack gets heavy when full and kind of bulky looking
  • The zippers are difficult to close on the corner
  • The removable compartments don’t look long lasting as the rest of the pack.

Don’t let the price scare you, as for the money you pay you get a great range backpack that’s worth every single penny, in both build and functionality.


Buying Tips: How to choose your range bag

If you’re on the hunt for a range bag, you must probably know by now that it needs to meet some criteria so you can name it a “range bag”.

Why a range bag?

A range bag has to be tough and sturdy so that it can take any wear and abrasion, from inside and outside at the same time. It needs to be strongly built so that it can take the heavy weight from the firearms and ammunition that you carry.

A good range bag gives you also good volume so that it can fit many items, going from your pistol/s and ammo, to some medications and small gear items.

The best range bag has also a different compartment for your pistol/s, so a good organization is important.

Which kind of range bag?

Typically, there are three main categories of bags that qualify as “range bags”.

The first one is, of course, the specific range bag. They are strongly built, are heavy duty and give you plenty of capacity, many various pockets for you to organize your various items.

This is the best choice for a range bag as it gives you compartments especially designed and built for ammo, pistols and any other gun-related items that you might need.

The main downside for the range bag is that… it looks like a range bag all the time, no matter where you take it. For some, looks don’t matter, but there are some that wish their bag not to show everyone what they carry. Of course, it’s legal to carry and use a gun in some situations, but there’s no subtle thing about it when you carry a range bag.

Even though it’s not the most obvious choice, a laptop bag could also become your range bag. It becomes a range bag thanks to its versatility and discretion. The best part about carrying your gun gear in a laptop bag is that nobody knows that you carry a gun in it! The padded compartment that the laptop bags have is great for protecting your gear, and a strong build, along with good organization also add up to it

The easiest solution for carrying a gun is a backpack. It gives you plenty of capacity for all your items and quite good organization and some padding, in the case of a good backpack, but this option has its downsides. A backpack may be too large for your guns and the padding might not be enough to protect your gear.

A combination of the two unspecific bags is the “laptop backpack” which gives you the padded compartment for the gun and a good organization at the same time. You can also find a “covert-carry” backpack that actually offers a designated compartment for your pistol.

In the end, you can make an effort and transform any backpack into a range bag. You just need some space, organization and padding to get a functional range bag.

What to put in a range bag?

Apart from the things that are a completely personal option to carry in your range bag, some things should never miss from any range bag.

The EPIK (Emergency Personal Injury Kit) and rapid-application tourniquet are a must have any time. Of course, this implies to also know how to use these in case of emergency. Never forget your eye and ear protection and a cloth to wipe down your firearm and magazines after practice, ammunition. A notebook and a pen are also important when you want to keep track of your performances just as well.

Some put in the range bag also a cleaning kit and some lube for a better function of their guns. You can also carry useful tools, bandages for minor cuts and a rolls of masking tape wouldn’t hurt either as you can tap up targets with it.

Final tip?

Take a good look at your needs and preferences when you go shopping for a range bag. No matter if you go for a subtle range bag (that doesn’t look like one) or a professional bag, keep in mind that it needs to be sturdy with great built and organizational options and be comfortable at the same time.